Friday, October 14, 2016

Paul Ryan is Taking Sides: Garrison Political Cartoon

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Anonymous said...

The Trump media bias escalated on NBC's Negro Nightly News",the last two nights--if that was at all possible.It was a lynching,a crucifixion and a mob hit--all in one.
The broadcast opening with Holt yelling,"Breaking news of more women accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault."
Then a woman reporter took over,with a 5-7 minute taped report,laboriously going over one of the accusers story--the one with ambulance chaser,Gloria Allred.Complete with crying,the alleged victim recounted every detail.This was then examined by others,but toward the end of report--a disclaimer:
"NBC cannot independently verify the accuracy of these claims."
What fairness:7 minutes of bulls*it and 10 seconds of disclaimer.
And there you have it.Rumor reported as news.Also today,Lesta reported on a black saying she was discriminated on an airplane and a search for a man (who looked white in surveillance video)that was a serial kidnapper of children in Ohio.
I don't think Trump overplays the media bias angle at all,in fact it's worse than can be possibly be expressed.
Obama was making fun of it today--and got the full sympathy treatment by NBC,complete with crowd laughter and cheers.
"Trump's saying there's a conspiracy of globalists...come on,COME ON"--in his black voice.
I'm so pissed,I can't even write anymore of this crap.Later.
--GR Anonymous