Monday, October 24, 2016

How Hillary Clinton Could Win the Election, Yet Lose the Presidency

By Nicholas Stix

The most obvious scenario would be for her to die on November 9th or thereafter.

A second scenario would be due to her becoming incapacitated, which I believe has already been the case for some time.

However, political analyst/scientist Countenance, who has made me famous for being his biggest fan, came up with an intriguing third possible scenario already on June 30.


Anonymous said...

That is some inventive stuff.Or to take this to another level:In "Total Recall",Ahhnold said to Sharon Stone before he shot her between the eyes,"Consider this a divorce."
If,between now and the date mentioned,HRC sees Obama and "hubby"Bill walking out of the White House,doing high fives and laughing,maybe she should think that Bill m i g h t be going for that kind of "divorce."lol.
I wouldn't put it past any of them.
--GR Anonymous

countenance said...

The difference between when I floated this theory back on June 30 and now is now we know the identity of the running mate. (And, per Wikileaks, Hillary herself has also known it for more than a year.) So if Cankles wins in two weeks, and then by definition and custom wins the EC on 12/19, it all depends on Obama liking Tim Kaine more than Hillary, and from what I understand, Obama likes fill-in-the-blank more than he likes Bill or Hillary.