Sunday, October 23, 2016

Anarcho-Tyranny in Austria, Where Rapefugees Now Have the Blessing of the “Law”: Austrian Supreme Court Proclaims that Iraqi “Refugee” Who Confessed to Raping 10-Year-Old Austrian Boy at Swimming Pool was Innocent

[Previously, on the same case, at WEJB/NSU: “Viennese Police Cover-Up Fails: Two Months After Austrian Boy, 10, was Savagely Raped at Public Pool by an Iraqi “Refugee,” Police Finally Acknowledge Crime.”]

But the rapist confessed!

This is a classic case of what Sam Francis called, “anarcho-tyranny”: The granting of license to criminals, especially non-white criminals, and the tyrannizing of the law-abiding, especially law-abiding whites.

There is no way in heck that the judges who aided and abetted the Iraqi rapist would have acted the same way, had the rapist been a white, Christian, Austrian.

It sounds as if the Austrian jurists let themselves be guided not by Austrian law, but by Moslem social mores, which support all sorts of atrocities, such as pederasty (men’s rape of young boys), gang rapes of girls, and “honor” killings.

In case some sophist should point out that the Austrian High Court didn’t say the rapist was “innocent,” only that prosecutors failed to meet the burden of proof, the prosecutors didn’t have to “make” a case. All they had to do was enter into evidence the medical report of the awful injuries the rapist inflicted on the victim; the victim’s statement; and the perp’s confession. Even if the victim hadn’t resisted (which he did), if a grown man forces his sexual organ into the anus of a little, ten-year-old boy, it’s automatically rape in every Western legal system. Austria is not Iraq or Afghanistan… yet.

It’s not enough to hunt down the rapefugee, and mete out extrajudicial punishment to him. The lawless judges who supported him must also be hunted down and punished…. with extreme prejudice.


Anonymous said...

What part of "nein", "nix" "nay" "no" did he not understand?

Nicholas said...

He understood the boy just fine. In his confession, he acknowledged that he was guilty of a brutal rape. It's the Austrian judges that have suddenly gone deaf.