Monday, October 24, 2016

Coverage Comparison: How Much Time Nets Devote to Attacking Donald Trump, vs. Reporting on Wikileaks (Infographic)


Anonymous said...

I think NBC thinks they(Clinton and them)have the election in the bag.No sharp accusations by Lesta Holt and the "Whitegirls 3"--his back up,hack up singing group(Tur,Jackson,Mitchell).
A very mellow broadcast,by the last 9 months standards.
An interesting choice of murderer to place as story two though.A violent criminal,on the run in Oklahoma,who it appeared was white--last name Vance,was given much video time.He has killed 2 police and wounded two others.I had to look up on the Web to find out he is actually Indian.
Still waiting for this kind of attention to a black mass murderer--of which there has to be plenty--just in Chicago alone!
One more thing.David Duke will be participating in a debate in Louisiana with the two main candidates--for Senate,I believe.Just saw the crawl on Fox news once today.That should be interesting.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

From Zerohedge:Huma Abedin says "Hillary is still not perfect in her head."Obviously from the head slamming fall?
--GR Anonymous