Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Hillary Clinton-Style Children’s Book

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Anonymous said...

Once upon a time there was an evil witch named Hillary.Her life was a lie.She pretended to be a normal person in public,but was really the opposite in private.She lied and lied to protect her real identity--and when that wouldn't work,she would use her other evil powers.An "accident" would usually clear up a problem when a lie wouldn't.A man named Vince Foster had such an "accident."There have been lots of accidents around witch Hillary...and lots of lies.
One day the evil witch decided she wanted to take over the world.But first she had to become the president of her own country.Because she was a vile person,she knew no one would elect her,if they knew the truth about her and her just as evil husband,Bill.
Together,their depravity knew no bounds.Marriage,monogamy,honor and ethics were scoffed at --while deceit,sexual promiscuity(with both sexes)and vulgarity were hailed.
As the election grew closer,her opponent--a flawed and naive man tried to expose her deceitfulness.But because the witch was truly evil,she and her minions from NBC and CNN,unleashed a torrent of slander that made him powerless.
Which brings us to todays debate and the final chance to write a "happily ever after."
I wish the flawed naive man,a good night.
--GR Anonymous