Saturday, October 15, 2016

See Video on Wikileaks' Outing of Five More “Reporters” Who are Media Shills for Hillary Clinton


Anonymous said...

Especially the woman "journalists" The bubble-headed bleach blond. They will do anything to see a woman elected President.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to repeat ad nauseum,the list I have talked about for months.The entire NBC roster of reporters,anchors and producers are complicit--in a deliberate attempt to manufacture,invent and twist their nightly content (I won't even call it news anymore)to promote Hillary Clinton as president (complete with halo and angel wings).Trump,of course,is demonized with half-assed "exposes" and insinuations.
I assume this comes from the top--NBC "News" president,NBC CEO and other execs.The people they have in place on-air,agree with their agenda.There's no need for WikiLeaks--if you watch the nightly broadcasts.If there was one shred of decency and ethics left at NBC,heads would be rolling off a few proverbial guillotines,from now until Inauguration Day.
But just for the record.Lester Holt,Andrea Mitchell (who,it wouldn't surprise me in the least,that she gets her pu*sy grabbed by HRC,on a daily basis--and vice versa),Hallie Jackson,Katy Tur--a vicious,unscrupulous witch and another lesser known Mexican female reporter--all have demonstrated exactly 0% objectivity in their election coverage.
All should be fired--and never seen again...except in a future capacity of some Democratic flunky position.
I view CNN very little,but Jake Tapper and Lemon have totally sold out.Joy Reid and a Japanese male anchor on MSNBC have decided to give up ethics and the respect of their peers (the few that haven't signed on with Clinton)to push the liberal agenda.
Now we hope for more explosive WikiLeaks to save us all from a President Hillary Clinton.That's all we have left,really.
-GR Anonymous