Thursday, October 20, 2016

Why Leftwing and #NeverTrump Operatives All Say that Donald Trump Blew It, with His Response to Chris Wallace’s Question About Whether Trump Would Accept the Election Results, if They Indicate He Has Lost

By Nicholas Stix

Because that’s what they do.

Whenever Trump says or does or doesn’t say or do something of substance, his media enemies, left and right say, “Donald Trump made another dramatic mistake.”

Thus, when neocon NeverTrumper Charles Krauthammer said the other day that he didn’t think Trump had time to catch up in time for the election, he was talking nonsense.

Krauthammer was acting as if Trump had earlier made “mistakes,” and was now in a desperate race against the clock to come back, while “staying on script.”

(That’s another of Trump’s enemies’ favorite concern troll talking points: He was doing fine, when he was on script and “looking presidential,” but loses support, when he’s Trump. If Trump had acted the way his enemies have counseled him, he would never have won the Republican nomination.)

What was really going on with Charlie Kraut was that he had always opposed Trump, along with his fellow NeverTrumpers, and was simply filling air time, and rationalizing his hatred for the Republican nominee.

Trump wasn’t desperately trying to “catch up,” because the amount of time left in the campaign was irrelevant. Every major new argument or theme Trump would come up with, would be branded as yet another “mistake,” just as it has been since June 2015, such that he could never possibly catch up, if indeed he was behind Hillary Clinton.


Anonymous said...

There 's no doubt that a kind of mind control is being attempted by the pundits/media combo.The constant hypnotic repetition,that 90% of analysts and anchors espouse,is not's coordinated with the Clinton's.Now how many thousands or hundreds of thousands of spineless voters will fall for it?Heckuvan experiment.I've never seen anything like it,in my many years of voting.
I don't have a lot of confidence in a large swath of America,mostly white women.If they can fall for the bull,that blacks and Muslims throw out to reel them into lousy bloodsucking relationships,they'll fall for Clinton bull as well--with help from MSM.
Rasmussen has Trump up 3%.Watch Negro Nightly News call HRC a winner tonight--complete with confetti and party hats.--and an 8% lead in the CrookedHillary/NBC Poll.
More attempted mind control
I will say this...if Trump wins,I will send a donation to you in a victorious gesture of celebration..
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Correct. The reason Trump won the nomination was because he was not going according to a script. He was himself, not an actor reading a script as does Hillary. Not the professional politician reading his lines but acting spontaneous. That was and is his appeal.