Monday, October 31, 2016

Video of Democrat Pollster Doug Schoen, Responding to FBI’s New Investigation of Hillary Clinton: “As of today, I am not a supporter of the Secretary of State”


Anonymous said...

I've seen Doug Schoen many times on Fox and most of the time he's given fairly objective analysis of the presidential race.
This is the first regular newsday after the Friday dynamic explosion of Comey pursuing evidence in the Hillary Clinton email case.
What I've seen is as obvious as the nose on Bill Clinton's face:MSM has their orders from Clinton headquarters--attack Trump on ANYTHING.So far its Trump charity donations and Elijah Cummings accusing Trump of being partnered with/under the control of Russia.It is being pushed by Christine Welker on MSNBC and she had a guest to back the Russian theme,after which she said,"Thank you SO MUCH",while her fat face glowed.
This is going to be a huge day of pushback by Holt,Lemon and the rest.Before Friday,the media seemed to be letting up--assuming the race was over--but now the reaction is like someone has stepped on the collective tail of this group of propagandists--and they are PIS*ED.
LATE WORD:Classified emails have been found on Weiners computer.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

From the DeltaPlex,in my hometown of Grand Rapids,Michigan...Donald Trump made a stop to a cheering crowd at noon.I watched it on CSPAN. WOOD tv reported "thousands"in attendance--for a hastily arranged appearance.
Other items today include MSM proclaiming,"very little movement in the polls." Newsweek goes over the whole lot of them and "gives Clinton an 80% chance of victory yet."
That would be amazing-and highly suspect.
--GR Anonymous