Friday, October 07, 2016

Charles Murray, Donald Trump, and Me: My New VDARE Report is Up!

By Nicholas Stix

Outer Boroughs Affect: Why Snobs Like Charles Murray Won’t Vote For Trump (Despite Agreeing With Him)

A friend watched the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with an older, conservative, Southern, female, relative. She was distressed by the Republican presidential nominee’s style—even though, to my eye, he pulled his punches.
Since I have so much in common with Trump, I feel uniquely qualified to explain why she was so put off by the candidate. Trump is at least 6’2,” while I’m… not. Trump went off to Wharton, while I attended the Asphalt League. Trump is a billionaire, while I have spent my life scheming and clawing my way up to the exalted reaches of the lower working class.

Hmm. Let’s try that again.

For all his riches, Trump is still an Outer Boroughs guy at heart. Like me!...

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Anonymous said...

Fine piece of angry writing.Post publication,it must be obvious that the SuperEstablishment have united to attempt a Trump derailment,one more time.The latest one tonight,has the Bush/Clinton unholy alliance,trying to scare off Evangelicals-a precision attack with severe damage potential.The strategy in the Democrats minds may be,that their polling suggests blacks are not going to come out to vote for HRC--or might even vote for Trump in enough numbers (10%)to matter.So a strike at Trump's morals would seemingly cause religious zealots to avoid the voting booth.
Probably right.But now what's Trump strategy?Beg for forgiveness(which Evangelicals might like),or attack the Clintons as no better than he is--or even worse.
"I only talked about it--Bill Clinton did it...and Hillary enabled him and covered it up."
But then will it really matter at all?Maybe.Bill Clinton has high approval ratings--and did during the impeachment hearings.No one wanted him removed because of sexual dalliances.But that was Clinton--a Dem.The media was with him--except for Fox.We know whose side the media is on now.The hypocritical Lester Holt,CNN and Washington Post are treating this as a felony--something Hillary should've been charged with by the FBI.
The main thing is:With no newspaper endorsements,constant barrages on the daily "news" shows and politicians and entertainers all against Trump,where can he find an ally to bring him back from this likely setback?
Only us voters--who hopefully-- can see through this SuperEstablishment attack as a sign,they are totally crapping their Depends (like Hillary does)about the prospect of LOSING to Trump.The funny thing would be if it doesn't work.
What then?
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Next question:Does HRC have paid women,ready to come out(a la Bill Cosby),to put the final nail in Trumps coffin?
I'd have to say if she has Miss Universe 1996 under employment,she's got women from Trumps past.
One point.Trump has never been arrested for assault,sued for assault or rape--unlike the Derrick Rose rape case,which is currently going on,as we speak.
Trump is being treated like a felon,while Rose will be given extreme leniency and a probable innocent verdict.
That's just the way it is now.

David In TN said...

One of the best pieces you've ever written.

"There's nothing an Ivy League Jew hates more than his working class counterpart. He'll pander to blacks and Hispanics, but won't give a poor Jew the time of day."

Back in the 60's, my father remarked to me, "There is segregation among white people." For one thing, the same dynamic above applies to rich white people vs working class and lower middle class white people.

And don't forget Southerners vs Yankees. Back in 1960-64 Hillary's family and mine would never have socialized, nothing in common.

"Like I always say: The only thing worse than a German is a German Jew."

By serendipity, I'm currently reading the books on the Leopold-Loeb Thrill Killing. Those two were scions of millionaire German Jewish families. Leopold, as you know was sentenced to "Life plus 99 years."

He was paroled after serving 33.

I was unaware David French, the paradigm of a cuck, wrote the Trayvon Martin piece for Commentary. French lives not too far from me.

Dan B. said...

Great piece! Keep it up. I don't know how Murray squares that circle, but I guess it's worth it (i.e., seeing the nation disintegrate) to not have to be associated with the lower orders. Small price to pay, eh?