Thursday, October 06, 2016

Are Megan Gallagher and Hadas Gold the Same Person? (Photoessay)




By Nicholas Stix


Anonymous said...

NBC Negro Nightly News has gone completely insane..Tonight...There's breaking news of Obama and Clinton texting each other to cover up the email scandal but instead,Lesta Holt is showing tape of Trump saying "p*ssy"...and making a BIG DEAL ABOUT IT!Time to get the Clinton/Lewinsky/Flowers tapes out.Fire Holt and Katy Tur,who could barely contain her orgasm from reporting this Enquirer type crap.
I'm typing this real time...and now Obama has decided many of the emails being released are by Russian hackers...great for Clinton to connect Trump and Russia again.
Not one report on the Clinton emails that disappeared or the new ones released today,incriminating to both Clinton and Obama--showing them to be first degree liars and obstructionists to the FBI investigation.Oh,by the way the State Dept. is involved also.
Finally,a story about Aleppo children--which Holt likes to show as a sympathy story for the pro-refugee Clinton/Obama philosophy.
A full half hour of propaganda---as usual.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

When the Bush family says they're for Clinton,I guess they mean business."Dubya's" nephew comes out with a video that will be the talk of the debate this Sunday.There will be nothing to lose ,if Trump decides to fire back about Bill and Hillary"s sham marriage now.Might as well throw in HRC's attacks on slick Willie's girlfriends as well.If anyone has anything on Hume and Hillary--bring it out.
I can't believe the Bush's sunk to this despicable level.You know they were waiting for this opportunity.October surprise indeed.Most of what I 've read by regular people,is the guys don't care about what Trump said,I know I don't--but the Evangelicals are a different story.How can they vote for Trump,or anyone?
So they stay home,the blacks stay home--that's a draw.That brings it to white men and white women.That's a split?Then the Mexicans (who screw around on their wives as a hobby)bring the tie-breaker to Clinton.What an effed up election.
I heard the Clinton's were regarded as the greatest mudslingers in history and would sink to any level,pull any dirty trick to be president.This proves it.
It sounds like a wake on FoxNews tonight.There are even calls for Trump to drop out of the race.Paul Ryan and a few others are starting the drumbeat.Trump may not even make it to the debate on Sunday.I wouldn't bet on it.

--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I thought about this after I posted that last text.This reminds me of another guy who was anti-establishment,Ross Perot.He was against NAFTA and wanted to balance the budget--and had the big shots worried.So who joined together to bring him down?Who were the other candidates in that 1992 race?Bush and Clinton.No coincidence,I think.