Sunday, September 04, 2016

Josh Marshall’s Murderous Hatred

By Nicholas Stix


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Anonymous said...

YEP! Looked over each case of the "children" and only one is a instance of a whitey doing wrong to a black.

The house of the "Mothers" is built on a rotten base.

1. Trayvon shot and killed while trying to beat a man to death. 2. Garner while resisting arrest died of a heart and asthma attack [also refusing medical assistance at the scene]. 3. Brown shot and killed while trying to kill a cop. 4. Hamilton shot and killed while trying to kill a cop. 5. Grant shot and killed by accident [Grant at the time resisting arrest]. 6. & 7. Holt and Pendleton shot and killed by negro gang bangers. 8. Bland a jail house suicide despondent because her famblee the mother and five siblings [all with good jobs and good income] could not put together $500 to bail the woman out of jail.

ONLY 9. Davis shot and killed by Dunn, the latter acting out a rage and anger.

ONLY 9. valid, the rest bogus. A house built on a rotten base will collapse.