Saturday, September 03, 2016

Donald Trump Grieves for the Philadelphia He Once Knew: "I Know the City so Well, Because I went to College Here, but It's Very Sad to See What's Going on Inside Philadelphia," the Wharton School Graduate Told the Inquirer in an Interview. "It's Gotten so Much Worse than When I was Going. It's Dangerous..."

By Reader-Researcher RC

Trump: "Sad to see what's going on inside Philadelphia"

"Donald Trump said here Friday that Philadelphia reflects the dire straits of major American cities, leaving African Americans with poor schools, unsafe neighborhoods, and a lack of jobs."

Chicago is "gritty."

Philly is "vibrant."

'Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

Killadelphia. The Black Mafia. The boldest and baddest dudes of them all. Black Muslims perpetrating the massacre of the Hanafi Muslims in Wash D.C.

Anonymous said...

Trump was at Wharton. You have to exhibit some real brain power to be a student at Wharton. Trump is no dumb man.

Anonymous said...

Grand Rapids released SAT scores this week.Always a discussion of black vs white intelligence on here,so here's more data.A few schools chosen to present the point:
Average SAT score is 507 English,493 math=1000 for total score.
East Lee (black Mexican)
377 English
375 Math
752 total
Crossroads (sound familiar?It's where Savon Schmus,who killed McKenna Hilton-his white half sister- was enrolled).
402 English
385 Math
787 total
Ottawa Hills(black)
430 English
402 Math
832 Total
Union High (majority black,some West side whites yet)
444 English
417 Math
861 Total
_________________________________________White High Schools
Jenison High School (GR suburb)
539 English
558 Math
1097 total
Forest Hills Northern
570 English
570 Math
1140 total
East Grand Rapids
599 English
585 Math
1184 total.
Many other schools listed,but wherever it's located,as long as minority students are there,the scores are horrific.
Meanwhile,Ron Caniff,the Kent Intermediate School District Superintendant,came out to say that,"The hefty price that school choice is carrying,is not demonstrating that schools are being uplifted,as was intended.Rather,it has decimated some districts and destabilized some schools".
GRA:What you're seeing is below average students,going to other schools-out of their districts-and bringing down THOSE schools test scores.Bottom line:It's not the schools fault (as some politicians,like Trump are saying)'s the unintelligent black and Mexican students.
--GR Anonymous