Thursday, May 03, 2018

Tucker Carlson: “Caravan’s” Plight is Not Immigration, but an Invasion (Video)

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Fox News
Published on Apr 30, 2018

Tucker: When you arrive in a country, you don’t wave the flag of a foreign nation. That’s what you do when you invade. Immigration happens with the consent of the host country. What we're seeing is happening by force.


Anonymous said...

Great point.
Could US citizens travel to Saudi Arabia or Mexico or the Dominican Republic and plant the US flag in one of their cities and proclaim this "English speaking" territory now? (Before being thrown in prison for life,within 10 minutes).

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
A simple Google search on two terms quickly reveals the forces behind the modern immigration push and who is driving it. Just type in "economic growth & immigration" and it's spelled right out for us from conservative institutions like Forbes, The Manhattan Institute, Bloomberg et al....

Mainstream media outlets like CBS shamelessly promote the agenda:

Here is an article from Forbes by an author named Scott Clemons, an investment strategist who works for Brown Brothers Harrimen:
Here is a picture of him:
He's a toad of a man who is telling us we "must" accept 3rd world immigrants in order to have a growing economy. Since 1st world peoples do not have enough children then they powers that be have every right to shove 3rd worlders down our throats. He sits in his gated community with a Puerto Rican maid watching blacks play basketball on TV and doesn't give a damn about middle class folks who have to contend with this invasion in the real world. Somebody needs to wake his type up to reality.

That goes for those ungrateful Swedes also. If they can't see the benefit of transforming into a Muslim country, then too goddamned bad, the globalists and diversity fanatics are going to forcibly work their social engineering magic whether the people want it or not.

Then we have the Manhattan Institute that tells us that all these bright, highly educated immigrants are necessary for economic vitality, especially since our own homegrown bright educated citizens are worthless:

Here is USNews citing a United Nations report suggesting that mass immigration is a boon to the US economy:
The UN and EU are, of course, two primary tools being used by the elites to impose mandatory immigrations quotas on unwilling countries, they're not shy about broadcasting their agenda, it's outlined in their charters.

Can't argue with any of their agents, they simply employ the "racist" accusation and their social justice operatives in universities or marchers on the streets join the chorus. What a bizarre alliance that is.

Yes, it's article after article from venerated conservative big money institutions touting the wonders of this "diaspora" from the 3rd world to the 1st...And we wonder why this is happening? As furious as I am toward those entitled foreigners demanding I must allow them to come live with me, I'm also enraged at their behind the scenes wealthy financers. We can't lose sight of who is ultimately responsible for what is happening and why, it's not like their hiding their designs, it's right out there for us to see but challenging those with money and power is dangerous and daunting, even more so that confronting those rushing our borders.