Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Teacher Accused of Giving Sex Toy to Student



By Reader-Researcher R.C.

Skool Daze

Teacher accused of giving sex toy to student
A substitute at Jimmy Carter Middle School is being investigated for giving a sex toy to a 14-year-old student.



Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
When diversity ideology and political correctness dictates that I must look at a man's hindquarters with lust in my heart then it's time for violent resistance, there's no negotiation here and no drawing of new lines in the sand. End of discussion. Brazil has a beauty pageant called the Miss Bumbum contest and it's pretty much what the title suggests, women line up and are judged by the quality of their derriere. This year there are two "transgender" contestants: Paula Oliveira and Giovanna Spinella. Some contestants are (rightfully) complaining that it's a contest for women, not for men who have been surgically altered to resemble women, and I couldn't agree more.

Here is the rationalization for allowing men to compete with women "as women". This from the article:

Unfortunately for Santana and Porto (two contestants that have publicly complained), this year’s theme for the competition is “diversity,” with organizers encouraging participants to “break the mold.” Furthermore, Miss Bumbum’s officials have threatened to disqualify the angry entrants if they continue to “prejudice” their transgender peers.

“As long as these women have undergone sex reassignment surgery, and have become fully women, there is nothing that prevents them from taking part. The truth is that, by the law, they are 100 percent women,” Miss Bumbum founder Cacau Oliver said.

So it's true because the law SAYS SO???!!! What's that old saying? Then the law is an ass. Actually the law is not only an ass, it's flat out wrong because it was written by deranged gender nazis who want to force homosexuality on normal people. The law can say whatever it wants but it cannot change biological fact: These men do not have female organs and cannot bear children, they can get all the surgery they want and imitate female mannerisms but they will always be men. If I went to a contest like that, I wouldn't want to see men up there on stage, I'd rather attend a plus size beauty pageant, I prefer my women on the slender side but I'd rather look at an authentically female big woman over a man pretending to be one, no matter how real he looked on the surface.

Anonymous said...

The teacher had "lust in his heart"--Jimmy Carter would no doubt understand.
I'm sure the gift,that was going to follow the sex toy,was the real thing--so getting caught at this point probably saved the teach a few years in prison.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Fuc*ed up world keeps getting more fuc*ed up,Jerry.
--GR Anonymous