Tuesday, May 22, 2018

“If I can't go to Las Vegas - Neither can y'all”: Catch This Video of a Righteous Black Woman!

By Jerry PDX
Monday, May 21, 2018 at 5:30:00 P.M. EDT

Prescient words shouted by black (alleged) female Safira Allen to Spirit Airline passengers after she barged past a ticket counter after arriving late and caused a disruption that caused the plane to be evacuated. Yes, it is the fat hideous negress yet again blessing us with an epic, racist rant for the ages. Here is Fox News’ coverage of the incident.

The Fox News story doesn't have the full video, though. You can see it at the bottom of this page.

Ms. Allen is reveling in the attention she is receiving. She recorded everything herself, and posted on Youtube and Facebook. The last thing I want to do is add to her hit count, so I looked for a Youtube video that wasn't associated with her personally, or one of her race hoax collaborators.

However, I couldn't resist sneaking a peek at her Facebook page. This troglodyte actually has the nerve to call herself a modern day “Rosa Parks.” There are also plenty of racist blacks supporting her, though some of her fellow blacks are calling her out on her BS. You can spot the comments before she deletes them.

Also on the video, there seem to be only around a dozen or so black passengers on the plane but about 1/2 the people that called her out vocally as they were de-boarding were black. So much for solidarity with her own kind.

Warning: She is as hideous as they come, as well as obese, and possesses a voice that is worse than chalk on a blackboard. If you can't stomach the sight of her, just listen to the audio. You might survive that with your sanity intact… maybe.

The rant goes on for 20 minutes, and it is filled with racist comments, bizarre stream of consciousness assertions, insults toward everything and everybody, and she contradicts herself throughout. She also mentions having a daughter. Yes, it has bred and reproduced. Horrifying.

She claims that the airline shut the boarding down early and let a white woman in after it closed, while denying her the same privilege. That she is lying I have no doubt. What happened was that she arrived late, and made up the story of the white woman getting in before her.

What we are seeing here is the next stage in the evolution of black race hoaxes. There's no real staged hoax; you just break a rule, act like a psycho racist lunatic, film the whole thing, and then proudly claim to be a victim.

I can't even begin to comment on all that came out of this monster's mouth but go to 16:00 on the video, where she starts going on about how: If a white was acting up, how long would it take the poh-lice to get here, then she looks at the camera with that knowing look in her eyes and says “I been acting up for 30 minutes (and they ain't here yet)!” This bell curver doesn't even realize she wants to claim that cops are right on the scene when blacks are involved but then dilly-dally when it's whites acting up (but what's takin’ them so long?). Don't take my word for it. Listen for yourself, the whole thing all the way through... if you dare!


Published on May 11, 2018

A woman flying out of an Atlanta airport refused to get off a Spirit Airlines flight when asked by police. Safira Allen, 25, was flying to Las Vegas when she claims that the cabin crew closed the gates 20 minutes early, causing her to miss her flight. Afterwards the airline told her to get off the flight. At this point, Allen took her phone out and began recording the situation. She began going on an obnoxious and racist rant. She said there wasn’t anything “holy” about Spirit Airlines. Allen said: “Y’all going to use Jesus’ name the Holy Spirit? No, that’s got to change, y’all need to be called something else, y’all need to change y’all name because nothing Holy Spirit about this airline, no. But y’all say ‘you-all represents God. Y’all need to quit playing with Jesus, and I’m not getting off this plane.” Allen caused the entire flight to be evacuated because of her behavior. In a Facebook Post Allen apologized for making all of the passengers deplane. Allen said: “I apologize if I inconvenienced anyone on that PLANE! But at the same TIME! I am standing up for people who have to deal with companies ripping them OFF and Making you the Suspect; when you Paid for their services.” Watch her bizarre rant Above:


Anonymous said...

She's obviously gunning for money--either on YouTube or some other social media outlet,or a lawsuit.They have one track minds.

Pax Romana58 said...

Speaking of Las Vegas:

'[Black]Teens Caught on Cell Phone Video Jumping [Viciously Beating White] Valley Mother' (Watch the Video)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - May 18, 2018

"Neighbors in the Northwest part of the Valley said a group of teens have been terrorizing their community near Elkhorn and Fort Apache.

On April 27, the group of teens were recorded on cell phone video attacking a woman. Neighbors said the woman was attacked three times and suffered a sprained ankle and broken finger.

"Sixty kids came out of no where and just rushed everyone," Jon Harris said of his wife's attack. "I don't know how it started but we turned around and my wife was getting jumped by a bunch of kids."

In the same video that captured the attack, the group of teens were seen picking up baseball size rocks and throwing them. Many of those rocks, neighbors said hit homes and cars.

"They hit my neighbors' wife with those rocks," Harris said. "He was also hit trying to protect his wife."

As shocking as the video was to watch, neighbors said this is the new normal in their area.

"I want people to know that video where my neighbor is getting beat, this isn't a one time thing," Eric Phillips said. Phillips is a middle school math teacher, and lives in the neighborhood.

Others there said the teens have been causing problems in the area for months.

"You can't drive down the street. They stop cars they try to get in the cars. They start banging on cars," Harris said. "We know there names, we have pictures we have videos we have spoke to their parents. I mean two to three times a day they are an issue and 2-3 times a day police come. Police handcuff them, then 10 minutes later you see them back walking around."

After having no luck with the police nor parents, neighbors said they decided to try a different route.

They all wrote down statements and brought those concerns to the teens' school, Edmundo Escobedo Sr. Middle School.

"Well when I talked to my neighbor and she said her eight-year-old was not going to school because she was afraid. I said the school needs to do something," Phillips said.

Phillips said he brought dozens of statements to the school and was told: "We will not be investigating."

Neighbors said after months of dealing with this, tensions were reaching a boiling point.

"This is a situation someone is not going to come back from if it doesn't stop," Harris said.

Metro Police and Edmundo Escobedo Sr. Middle School did not respond to requests for comment."

Anonymous said...

Black Hebrew? Hate whitey? Those huge wimmens in an emergency would have a hard time getting off the plane. Men too the same way I guess. Wimmens.