Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Possible Non-Race Hoax Sighting! Black Couple in St. Louis May Not Have been Playing the Ghetto Lottery!

By Nicholas Stix

At Fox St. Louis.

At WEJB/NSU, we keep up on the usual, and on highly unusual incidents. However, incidents like the one at Schnuck’s are to be considered highly suspicious, since they almost always turn out to be a ghetto lottery set-up.

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Anonymous said...

Minding my own business watching local FOX 17 news,when the female anchor--in a somewhat agonized voice told this story.She then bemoaned the story as another example of racial profiling.
(WASHINGTON POST--where else?)Three black teens shopping for prom at a Nordstrom Rack in Brentwood, Mo., near St. Louis, faced the police after store employees suspected they were shoplifting, calling further attention to incidents of racial profiling in commercial spaces over the past month.

Nordstrom has since apologized, and on Tuesday the young men met with Nordstrom executives to discuss the incident and work on ways to prevent them from happening again at company stores. Still, St. Louis NAACP President Adolphus Pruitt, who had met with the young men beforehand, told The Washington Post earlier on Tuesday that he and the young men knew an apology will not be a permanent solution.

“These kids, they’re owed an apology, but at the end of the day, it goes down to what can we do to keep this from happening to folks,” said Pruitt, who has met with them. “After all of this was said and done, Nordstrom cannot fix society on its own as it relates to these stereotypes.”
GRA:How many stories do we hear about--that there's a mistake in arresting someone (black OR white)for shoplifting.Very few.Most who are arrested--HAVE indeed shoplifted.Who brought up race?Did the clerk who called police admit to racism?Or did the customers just happen to be blacks in this case--and that's it.
In either scenario,that means one case out of the hundreds of thousands of shoplifting arrests was wrong--with the result being--that Nordstrom's is forced to revamp everything--including re-educating staff on profiling.IF this happened every day in every Nordstrom's,across the country,Nordstrom's would need to do something different--but THIS ONE INCIDENT means nothing.In fact,the absence of other similar complaints seems to indicate a policy that is already fair--AND I'll bet a few whites have also had similar experiences--without the accompanying headlines.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"Hill, who says he recently moved to the area from Miami, went into the store with his phone and began recording the employee who denied them service."

Is it legal in Missouri to record a person without their permission??

Anonymous said...

At some point it becomes easier and cheaper to give into the unreasonable [and even by company policy not allowed] demands of the negro, even if it a faulty transaction. Easier and cheaper in that you prevent the scene or the incident later to be blown out of proportions markedly.