Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Our Diversity is Our Strength: American New Father Killed by Drunken, Mexican Driver



By A Texas Reader

Stephen Long was driving home Saturday when he was hit at stoplight near FM 1960 and Cypresswood. Guadalupe Garza, 27, is charged with intoxication manslaughter.

New father killed in violent DWI crash in NW Harris Co.

"They didn't just kill some random person, they killed someone's dad," his widow said.

At ABC13.


Anonymous said...

A few years ago (10 or so)I was hit by a drunk Mexican,while I was driving home from work.No injury to me,but my car had plenty.He had no valid license/insurance and I went to court as police wanted to prosecute him.He had told police that he wasn't the one driving--it was his wife,but as I told the prosecutor,HE gave me all HIS(expired license and insurance)information after the accident,not the wifes.
Before the trial,he called and tried to offer me "something" at his home,if I would give up my testimony.
"No thanks",I said,and we went to trial where he lost.
Afterwards,as I walked down the stairs with the prosecutor,we saw the Mexican guy--with no license or insurance---drive off--to which the female prosecutor shrugged and said,"We see that all the time."
And I've run into worse Mex after that,as neighbors.I haven't seen a good one yet.

Anonymous said...

All the time. Much more common than people would like to believe is so. Just say it is not happening. That will make you feel better but to all but the bereaved.