Friday, May 25, 2018

Missing "Maryland" Teen Found Dead; Police Said Herson Mejia-Alverez, 19, of Riverdale, was Reported Missing on Wednesday; Just Before 1 p.m. the Same Day, Officers Found His Body in a Wooded Area Off New Hampshire Avenue

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat

Missing Md. teen found dead; police call it a homicide

Detectives in Prince George’s County said Friday that a Maryland teen reported missing by his family earlier this week was found dead, the result of a homicide.



Anonymous said...

To early to suspect MS-13. Or is it?

Anonymous said...

Does this paragraph make sense?
TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian police were looking for two suspects who walked into a crowded restaurant Thursday night and detonated a bomb, injuring 15 people, but police said on Friday the incident did not appear to be a hate crime or linked to international terror.
GRA:Seriously,Reuters/police,what else could it be?A normal occurrence?Jeeesh,the stuff they print nowadays.
---GR Anonymous

Nicholas said...

Maryland? An almost certain foreign vic with a peculiar, Spanish name? Murder?

It's never too early to suspect MS-13.

Anonymous said...

To GRA regarding Toronto: shakedown money not paid by the owner of the restaurant could be it.

The Gentle Grizzlu