Saturday, May 19, 2018

News Update: School Shooter from Yesterday is Still at Large, with the Help of Local Media and Police!


Drawing of shooter

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Never Again! Another School Shooting--It was a High School Graduation, and Time to Settle Some Scores... or Something... or Nothing.”]

This morning, WSB-TV (Cox Media) asserted: “So far, there has been no arrest in the case because there has been no sign of the alleged shooter.”

Garbage. Both then and now, WSB-TV has refused to provide any description of the shooter. How can the cops catch him, if nobody knows what he looks like? And that’s the whole point. The folks at WSB-TV are aiding and abetting a killer who, if not caught, may well kill again.

WSB-TV has since deleted that line.

“Police told Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon the graduation was being held for the Perry Learning Center in Clayton County.

“After the ceremony, investigators said an argument broke out in the parking lot outside Mount Zion High School.

“That argument led to two women being shot, one fatally.

[“That argument” didn’t “lead” anywhere.]

“The woman who was killed was shot multiple times in the chest. The other woman was shot in the leg and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of her wounds.

[Note the use of the passive voice, so as to protect the killer. ]

“Police told Channel 2 Action News names and charges will not be released at this time due to additional charges pending.

[That is so ridiculous. The police don’t refrain from id’ing fugitive murder suspects, “due to additional charges pending.”]

“In a news release Saturday, Clayton County Public Schools said the people involved in the shooting were not involved with the graduation ceremony that has just let out….”
Here at WEJB/NSU, we contacted our expert consultant, scrappy koala, who explained that when the media and/or the cops refuse to provide the public with any information on a violent fugitive still at large, they’re informing the public that the fugitive is a black male.


Anonymous said...

Atlanta...revenge where people gather (parties,funerals,schools)all add up to black gang crap.Trump would call them "animals"--fitting.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

And argument. Of course. They always say that. See Godfather II. the very opening.

Anonymous said...
This video (supposedly)shows a white male with a gun.A white guy--in Atlanta?What are the odds?