Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Laughing Mob, Fueled by Racism and Religious Hatred, Beats Parkgoers with Sticks and Fists (Video)

By Reader-Researcher R.C.

SHOCK VIDEO: Muslim Mob Storms Maine Park - Beats Park Goers with Sticks and Fists While Laughing

A mob of Muslim youths beat park goers with sticks and fists last week in Kennedy Park in Lewiston, Maine. The mob of at least 20 youths laughed as they beat two men in the park. At least one man required medical attention. Maine First Media reported: It was an otherwise pleasant evening in Maine …



Maine First Media
Published on May 20, 2018
Parents in Lewiston say it's no longer safe to bring their children to Kennedy Park!


Anonymous said...

This comment could go on the Detroit story or this one,but MSNBC's POS show,"Everyday Racism in America" made a few poorly thought out points:
1)Whites should not call the police on non-white neighbors--they should go over and t a l k to them,because the panel thought,whites are too quick to put blacks in the hands of policemen (who might want to kill the black).So we should keep the police AWAY from blacks and attempt to communicate with black neighbors ourselves.
I've done that a few times and was threatened every time and ignored when asking blacks to keep the noise down.Mex as well.They dare you to call the cops,because their brains don't understand the right thing to do in a decent neighborhood.
Video of whites describing blacks as "violent,thieves,drug dealers",was dismissed by the audience and panel as racist and ignorant.I would have added,"conniving,duplicitous,two timing,irresponsible and liars."For starters--all from experience.
3)"I get followed and treated differently than whites--by businesses I go to."
I wonder why.
Joy Reid,Chris Hayes(worthless as co-host) and another "expert"claimed that most whites get their ideas about blacks from the media reporting crimes and that's the reason whites fear blacks.
Not if you watch "Negro Nightly News", nationally,and locally,MY stations(WOODTV/WZZM)all downplay black crime to a bare minimum.The Willie Bryant quadruple shootings here last weekend,disappeared in one day.There are some white criminals who get daily updates,long past the point of interest.
So a lot of bitching and befuddlement, "why whites are so prejudiced."
I wish they'd talk to me.
I'm not prejudiced,I consider myself INFORMED,through too many experiences WITH minorities,over 30 or so years,being around them.I know them better than they seem to know themselves--and that's what really pisses blacks off--when a whitey can't be fooled.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

And they say there is no reason to own large capacity firearms. Obviously there is. A person can be prosecuted for reckless behavior which endangers lives. We need to prosecute all those responsible for bringing African savages to America. And deport the savages.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me Maine is a state still allowing self-defense. This should (noted I said should) let Lewiston humans know to carry when out, and respond with force when needed.

The Gentle Grizzly