Sunday, May 27, 2018

When American Airlines Passenger was Refused Another Beer, He Hurled Slurs, Assaulted People, and Spit Blood at Passengers



By Prince George's County Ex-Pat

The passenger emerged some time later, in his “Unity” T-shirt, and cursed out

An American Airlines passenger was refused beer — so he screamed, fought and spit blood, FBI says

The man hurled slurs, fought and spit blood at passengers when he was refused another beer, according to the FBI.

N.S.: A substantial proportion of WP commenters are obsessively blaming President Donald Trump for this incident. Others are blaming whites and Americans, even though the perp is a non-white foreigner from St. Lucia.


Gigantesco Cazzo said...

Why was the idiot rummaging around in the bathroom? Did he think that mini bottles of cheap rum were stored there?

Anonymous said...

Interference with the functioning of a public transportation vehicle crossing interstate line. A Federal offense.

jeigheff said...

I wonder if these incidents are rare or if they're becoming more common.