Friday, May 11, 2018

Portland, Oregon: Negro Serial Sucker Puncher on a “Random” Rampage! Somehow, He Only Slugs White Women!; but Guess Who One of His Victims was


Black psycho Lewis Ellis (in court on May 10) has reportedly had 69 "contacts" with police. More like hundreds, considering that most of his misdemeanor arrests would have been adjudicated as "ACDs," "adjournment in contemplation of dismissal," i.e., that the record gets expunged after six months, if he stays out of trouble. Not that guys like that do, but the cops let them get away with all manner of crimes, without so much as an arrest, and most whites don't even bother calling the cops, because they know they're worthless. Thus, there are probably over 1,000 crimes behind those 69 "contacts." Indeed, a generation ago, James Q. Wilson estimated that the typical career criminal only gets arrested once per every 1,000 crimes.

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“Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice—but in Portland Oregon, not Washington, D.C.!”]

By Jerry PDX
Thursday, May 10, 2018 at 10:47:00 P.M. EDT

Negro serial sucker puncher on a “random” rampage in PDX!

Lewis Ellis, a 46-year-old black man, punches five white women in their heads in downtown Portland:

At The Oregonian.

Ellis has a long criminal history, and had done this at least once before to another white woman, Laurie Reilling:


Ms. Reilling actually defends him, believe it or not. This from the article:

“FOX 12 spoke with Laurie Relling, the woman who was assaulted three years ago. She said Ellis was angry when he randomly hit her in the eye, causing her permanent damage.”

“He was very angry, and we had not made eye contact at all. He was angry in his head. To me, it was clear he was mentally ill,” Relling said. “He punched me in the eye and caused some permanent damage to my eye, and he was yelling. When he punched me, it caused the sack to separate from the back of my eye, although my vision is fine, I’ll always have floaters and some light distortion. It’s three years later and I’m still experiencing that. As far as the gentleman goes, I’m sorry he hurt other people, but he’s ill. He doesn’t have the capacity for judgment in my opinion."

“Relling said this incident pointed to a much larger mental health problem. She hopes Ellis can get the help he needs. She said prison is clearly not the answer”

Jerry PDX: Something tells me this guy is beyond help.

So what would you recommend, Ms. Reilling? Let him loose on the streets until he finally kills someone? An insane asylum? OK, maybe that's where he belongs but then say so; don't leave it hanging.

I have no doubt Ms. Reilling wouldn't be saying that if he were a white man. There's only one more thing more inevitable than death or taxes, and that's white women who automatically defend and excuse racist, violent negro males. As for whether he's really insane or not, he's at least mentally lucid enough to select only white women as his targets. That doesn't sound “random,” or too off the deep end irrational to me.


Black-robed felon Monica Harranz

There's a bit of an amusing twist to this story that one of his victims was a certain felonious circuit court judge named, Monica Herranz. You may recall a year or so ago I sent the story about how a judge helped an illegal (see below) escape ICE by letting him out a judge's only back door. Somehow, in a twist of karma, that very judge was "randomly" assaulted by one of her diversity crew. Yes, it would have been better if it were an illegal, but I have no doubt her consideration toward Hispanic men extends to negro males also.

At Willamette Week.


Illegal alien Diddier Pacheco Salazar

I thought for a moment maybe he deserves a medal, instead of jail time for smacking Herranz but unfortunately, he had no idea she was that notorious judge. All he saw was an attractive-looking white woman, and lashed out violently, in that way negroes often do.

Also at KOIN.

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