Friday, May 11, 2018

Never Take Marcia Clark’s Word over David in TN! Correcting Marcia Clark Investigates the First 48 Hours


She’s an old broad trying to look young and sexy

[“On Thursday Night, May 10, at 9 p.m. ET, A&E Airs the Season Finale of Marcia Clark's TV Show, Failing Upward.”]

By Anonymous
Thursday, May 10, 2018 at 3:44:00 P.M. EDT

Pittman in the movie about the Billionaires Club was called Frank Booker.

It was the father of the Persian "billionaire" who was killed in the movie rather than Levin?

By David in TN
Friday, May 11, 2018 at 12:05:00 A.M. EDT

Anonymous 3:44 P.M. EDT,

In the movie and real life, both Ron Levin and Hedayat Eslaminia were killed by Hunt and his partners in crime. Levin's body was not found, Eslaminia's was. They changed most of the names in the 1987 NBC TV movie you referred to.

As for Marcia Clark's show, half of it was commercials. A lot was left out, little about the 1987 Santa Monica trial, nothing on the 1988 San Mateo trial. A few sentences on Hunt's 1992 San Mateo trial.

Clark interviewed Jim Pittman's attorney. Aside from being unprepared, she didn't do her homework. Pittman's attorney claimed he got a "hung jury 10-2 in favor of acquittal" in the first trial. The exact opposite of reality. It was 10-2 for CONVICTION in the first trial with two black females holding out.

Funny how the "brilliant prosecutor and legal expert" Marcia Clark let that slip by.

In the second trial of Pittman, the jury did indeed feel sorry for him and hung again. Poor, poor black man mixed up with these white rich kids. After the charges were pleaded down to time served, Pittman went on A Current Affair and boasted about killing Ron Levin: "They can't try me again," Pittman gloated.

Pittman's attorney was mildly chagrined at this: "Well I didn't think he was wholly innocent."

N.S.: If she’s this lazy and feckless in preparing for her TV show, how diligent could she have been as a prosecutor? David has already answered that question, with a big, ‘Not very!’

However, all the diligence in the world wouldn’t have helped Clark with the racist, O.J. Simpson jury.

But she had no business trying that case, to begin with. She was so dishonest, or delusional, as to believe ‘black women love me,’ when in fact they were repulsed by her.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I recall Marcia Clark's legal strategy was to get black women on the jury because they would "sympathize" with a woman being abused in a relationship by a black men. Oh yeah, black women know full well about the physical abuse dished out by black men (as well as their own), but Ms. Clark was wrong about them actually "sympathizing" with Nicole Simpson. They don't sympathize with white women, they hate them, especially pretty blonde ones that marry good looking successful black men. As far as they are concerned that white ho got what she deserved. Not only that, the Simpson defense employed a good looking dressed to the nines black lawyer in Johnny Chochran to pair with a good looking former athlete in OJ while the prosecution had nerdy sexually unappealing Christopher Darden on display. I'm not a lawyer but I could have told Ms. Clark, from the get go, that the subliminal psycho sexual effect of her visual presentation on the black female psyche was going to make their case an uphill battle from the very start. I don't know about her smarts in general but she was naive and completely ignorant, or in denial, about how racist black women think and seems to have no understanding of female psychology (and she's a woman herself!).

Of course it all wouldn't have mattered if they had gotten an all white jury but they got outmaneuvered on that one and I have to wonder how strongly Clark fought to keep the trial in near all white Brentwood instead of downtown LA. Personally, I don't think she realized just how important that really was which really casts doubt on her competence as a lawyer, you don't have to be brilliant to realize how much that mattered, just possess a minimum amount of common sense.

Anonymous said...

More OJ style,black on white crime
Bkack nurse charged with manslaughter in death of H.R.McMasters 84 year old father.
I wonder how many black nurses get away with similar killings and get away with it.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Edit that last sentence,please.Thanks.
"I wonder how many black nurses get away with similar killings."
Or something like that.