Friday, May 25, 2018

Time Magazine “Expert” Seeks to Ruin White and Asian Kids’ Lives, by Deceiving Their Parents into Sending Them to Third-Rate Colleges

By Nicholas Stix

His name is William Stixrud.
“I’ve asked various school administrators why they don’t just tell kids the truth about college — that where you go makes very little difference later in life.”
This guy’s own editors think so little of his garbage, that they posted a video refuting it.


At Time.

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Anonymous said...

Tis the season for school shootings,,,
NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (AP) — A male student opened fire at a suburban Indianapolis middle school Friday morning, wounding another student and a teacher before being taken into custody, authorities said.

Suspect in custory after middle school shooting in Noblesville, Indiana / Courtesy: CNN
The attack at Noblesville West Middle School happened around 9 a.m., police Chief Kevin Jowitt said at a news conference. He said investigators believe the suspect acted alone, though he didn't release the boy's name or the names of the victims, who were taken to hospitals in Indianapolis.

Indiana University Health spokeswoman Danielle Sirilla said the teacher was taken to IU Health Methodist Hospital and the wounded student was taken to Riley Hospital for Children. She didn't know the seriousness of their injuries.
GRA:How do you change the mindset of kids nationally?How do you go back to the time before Columbine?Back in the day,you had a dispute with a fellow student,you duked it out and forgot about it.There was never a thought,in anyone's mind,to get a gun and commit mass murder.But the repeated instances of school shootings in recent years,has made it seem like an acceptable option to the deranged.What was once taboo is now the norm--and you evidently can't go back.
--GR Anonymous