Thursday, May 31, 2018

7 Raceless, Faceless, Men Arrested in California Water Park for Coordinated, Premeditated Attack, Sexually Touching Underaged Girls; Cops and MSM Tried to Cover Up Crime, but WEJB/NSU Has Suspects’ Respective Names and Races! (And No, You'll Never Guess!)

By Jerry PDX
Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 9:50:00 P.M. EDT

7 men are arrested in Golfland Sunsplash water park in Roseville, Calif. for sexually touching underaged girls in a coordinated attack. According to the article, the names and photos of the men were not released by police because the investigation is “ongoing.”

At Fox News.

Had to go the comments for some facts. Other media sources have uncovered the names of the suspects: Here they are: Gursharanpal Banga, 34; Manpreet Dhillon, 26; Lakhveer Gill, 30; Baljinder Khaira, 38; Balwinder Malhi, 32; Dharampal Singh, 21; and Harpreet Talwar, 18.

I along with many commenters predicted the perps would be Muslim but turned out we were wrong... as if it really makes any difference.

Sexually attacking females openly? Coordinated gang attacks? What three groups are always responsible for this behavior? Muslims, Pakis and negroes, but God forbid the media ever acknowledge that.

Makes you wonder how many covert Paki child sex grooming gangs are operating here in the US, as we speak. They've received some publicity in the UK but the politically correct forces that protect and cover up for those degenerates are, if anything, even more powerful here in the US.

According to this article,

Police have already released the suspects, due to “insufficient evidence.” A photo is attached that shows profiles of them being marched in a group by police.

This from the article:

"The People do not have sufficient evidence and reports, as well as recorded statements, in our possession to determine what evidence exists against each individual."

Are you kidding? Sexual assault on children and they're back on the streets? Imagine the outrage if it were white men they released. What I'm reading in this article is that the police haven't done the work of information gathering which begs the question: How hard is it to gather the girls who were touched, any witnesses and get their statements? If there is camera footage, then obtain and review it. Does somebody have to work overtime? Is there a judge (who isn't a pro diversity operative) you need to wake up and sign some kind of order? We're talking about child molesters here. Just how much priority do you give to those kind of scumbags? Of course, they are non-white and immigrants, which means they merit special consideration. According to the article, five of the men need Punjabi interpreters.

Exactly what does it take to get garbage like this deported back to their home country? If this isn't enough, then what is? I can hear the lib excuses now: 'They didn't know! It's OK back in their home country, and we need to respect their cultural practices!' This is beyond human reason.

N.S.: In New York, Hispanics are notorious for this. About ten years ago, I read of how every day when public pools are open in the Bronx (and surely other parts of town), groups of Spanish teenaged boys surround pretty, shapely, Hispanic girls, close in on them, and then the leader of the pack commits manual rape on the victim from behind.

And now, as the late, great Paul Harvey would have said, for the rest of the story: In one set of cases, the victim would scream, and maybe wheel on her attacker and smack him. But in other cases, she would squeal, and at closing time he would introduce himself to her, and they would go to a secluded part of the park the pool was in, and ... do it.

That's the split in Hispanic culture.

But I never hear of any of the rapists being arrested, let alone prosecuted. That's one matter on which Hispanic culture is unified.

In the instant case, I'm sure the gropers and manual rapists were not violating their own culture's girls.

And that's the rest of the story.


Anonymous said...

What will it take to get them deported?A new court system--from the top--down.Whites getting pissed off enough to
get a few thousand "regular,normal"white people together in one place,to rally against minority criminal behavior.The first scenario would take years,the second,could be very successful in short order.The problem is,normal white people WORK and have little time to organize a rally with enough protesters to be noticed by MSM.But that's what we need imho.Where ever black/Mex/Muslim crimes take place against law abiding whites--it needs to be exploded into the national consciousness.Only one way to do it.Publicity.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Sikh names. Whirl pooling they call it. Haven't heard of that word used in some time now.

Anonymous said...

Same here in CA, Mr. Stix.
Just Hispanics "dropping kids off at the pool".

Anonymous said...

As they say about Mexicans, one could say these Indian molesters are doing the jobs most Americans won't do. Would you go out in a gang to molest little girls? No? Well Mexicans and Indians will. Someone must know where these Indians work. They need to be outed and their employers shamed into sending them back to India where they can happily engage in India's gang-rape culture. There are some jobs we just don't need done.