Friday, May 18, 2018

Oklahoma City School Suspensions

By "W"
Fri, May 18, 2018 2:31 p.m.

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article about the “challenge” of reducing black elementary school suspensions, focusing on an elementary school in Oklahoma City. As you know, an Obama directive ordered schools to ensure that discipline doesn’t fall “disproportionately” on blacks and Hispanics. The WSJ and educators just won’t come out and admit that black and Hispanics are simply more disruptive than whites. We live in the Land of Lies.

Oklahoma City School Suspensions at DuckDuckGo.


Anonymous said...

Today in Grand Rapids,the police department was given a report on progress concerning police treatment of minorities.Whattayaknow...They passed!!!The independent group said,"Police had improved on many issues,especially the disparate stopping of minorities in automobiles."
That's tremendous news and Grand Rapids will be a better city to live in because of it(loads of sarcasm).
I hope the report is a scam,because if police ARE cutting down on confronting potential black absconders(criminals),police are not being allowed to protect me and other law abiding citizens--which to me,is a crime in itself(similar to Oakland's mayor warning illegals of ICE raids).Our liberal mayor,Bliss must bear responsibility for any decrease in law enforcement.We're keeping count of the murders and crime and her desire to provide a huge increase of low income housing to my side of town.She'll have the blacks vote,but not mine in the next election.It just depends whether she can get them to get off their porches and vote for her--or not.

Anonymous said...

NOT ONLY committing more offenses in school but the offensives of a more egregious nature. Not just chewing gum or talking in class. Beating a teacher or producing a knife or a gun. Making dire threats, etc. Minorities just act in a bad way and much worse bad way.