Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend Multicultural Wrap-Up

By Nicholas Stix

At Countenance, natch.


Anonymous said...

Memorial Day will soon be forgotten--if minorities have their way.
You see,this is a Caucasian holiday,remembering those who served(90% plus whites)in America's wars--when whites controlled America,in the pre-1960s.But as the populations of minorities exponentially increase,while whites practice birth control and have abortions to commit ethnic suicide,we will eliminate ourselves from importance and join the Dodo bird in virtual extinction.Whatever we DON'T accomplish in this vein,will be carried out by vengeful black and Mex leaders--you can be sure of that.
They will end those holidays that memorialize whites in any way--and just as Civil War statues are passe and Revolutionary War era presidents are being attacked for slavery practices,Memorial Day will fall by the wayside,July 4th will disappear,replaced by a Kwanza/Cinco de Mayo/Independence Day.
Do you see what happens in Arab and African countries when a government is overthrown?Previous leaders and their followers are executed,imprisoned and enslaved.Monuments are destroyed.
Remember "Planet of the Apes" final scene--when Charlton Heston found the Statue of Liberty in pieces?
"Those damn dirty apes."
Absolutely brilliant futurism.
Those days are coming--unless we change the future now by changing our behavior,but it doesn't look promising.Ireland's pro abortion vote and the inevitable DACA deal are more nails in the white race's coffin.
Happy Memorial Day,all.Enjoy it while you can.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Farrakhan "Compliments"Trump,Calls For End to White Race
(ZH)Appearing on Chicago radio station WGCI, on a program titled "The Morning Takeover," Farrakhan stated that it may not have been the intent of this administration to help, but that Trump is destroying the enemies of the Nation of Islam. Included in this group are the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Farrakhan tweeted out a two-minute video of this sort-of endorsement of Trump:

Additionally, Farrakhan called for an end to white men, saying that their “nature is not in harmony with the nature of God.”

And as The Daily Caller's Virgina Kruta notes, Farrakhan went on to claim that white men had squandered the time God gave them to rule, alleging that they had chosen not to rule with righteousness, truth, justice, or fairness.

So far, there has been barely a ripple from the media over this shocking statement. I only came across it through a tweet from a parody artist who claims to be a Republican representative under the name Steven Smith of Georgia.

Farrakhan promises more to come on his opinion of President Trump. It is far too soon to conclude that he is coming around to support the POTUS, but that is certainly a possibility. And his statement so far is enough to help a significant number of black voters to start questioning the taboo enforced by any black organizations against support for any Republicans. Will Farrakhan continue what Kanye started?
GRA:What kind of brainless writer would put more(or ANY)emphasis on Farrakhan's "embracement" of Trump and downplay his REAL message--of putting white men out of existence?Of course,it appears,he'll keep the white women around,like any black dictator would,for sex slaves,rape and reproduction.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Just when you think black supremacists and their whitey lackeys can't get any more surreal they come up with something even more twisted and bizarre. "Reparations Happy Hour" is a night in which only non whites are allowed to attend a bar at night and they are given 10 dollars at the door, symbolical compensation for "300 yrs. oppression". According to the article, both blacks and whites donated money to finance the operation:
I've heard "fighting whiteness" used in conjunction with this event, words that have been used in "day without whiteness" events where whites are supposed to evacuate colleges for a day and leave the whole place for blacks, browns and self hating whites that pretend to be non white to sit around and moan about how whitey is keeping them down:

Reparations Happy Hour is the "brainchild" of a 27 year old black, "queer" local "activist" named Cameron Whitten who at that young age apparently has the life experience to wear the weight of slavery on his shoulders, much like almost every other black in this country, even though they've only read about it in books. Of course, if they want to learn about real slavery, just go back to Africa, it's the last place in the modern world that openly practices it.

They are planning another similar event in a local bakery on June 20th. This is happening right here in my hometown, I didn't hear about the first one until after the fact but I'm thinking about attending the 2nd one. I could always use an extra 10 bucks and can qualify myself with my native american ancestry, some of those people in that event looked pretty light skinned and I wouldn't be surprised if I had more non white genes than they do. Actually it would be better if a blonde haired blue eyed nordic type tried to get in claiming a distant negro ancestor, I'd love to see how that one played out. Maybe we should send an invite to Rachel Dolezal and Sean King, white people pretending to be black, and see if they get welcomed.

According to what I've read, whites toadies were employed to patrol the outside of the bar to keep out any whites who might try to enter the business establishment. It would be very interesting to see what happened if a white tried to crash the event, would they physically attack them? Interesting, because refusing service because of race should apply to all races, not just "non whites". Love to see a reverse discrimination lawsuit over one of these things.

They are staging the next event at Back to Eden Bakery, and reason they are staging it there is because a black woman pulled an Oprah by claiming she was not allowed in after closing, while she observed whites being served after closing. like Oprah though, it was a case where people were actually still in the store after closing so they were completing transactions, not letting people in late. Didn't matter though, the two employees that evening were fired and the bakery is now virtue signalling like crazy in order to appease racist blacks and SJW whites. Shows the power these racist monsters have to damage people's lives in their crusade to foster a society that persecutes whites.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if what I posted is too apocalyptic for Memorial Day,but this year's holiday seems a little less powerful to me--because of where the country seems to be heading.All of the battles waged and lives lost,over the last 242 years,that kept America pointed in the right direction--until well,pick your favorite year(1964,65,2008) when we went the wrong direction--and I wonder about the mostly white soldiers and what they would think about America in 2018.Would they think it was worth it--fighting for a country that seems hellbent on letting itself be taken over by non-white factions who hate our past.A country that has been double-talked into believing a minority white population is what this country was designed to become.
"That's who we are",is what Dems repeat constantly.
I don't believe that.I don't think those American soldiers would believe that either.
--GR Anonymous

Nicholas said...


On Memorial Day, I always grieve for America.