Monday, May 07, 2018

George Zimmerman Charged with Stalking a Stalker!

By Nicholas Stix

At The Orlando Sentinel/MSN.


Anonymous said...

Zimmerman is being stalked by Lesta Holt and MSM.They'll never forgive him for being found "not guilty" inthe Trayvon Martin case.
Meanwhile:Breaking news:
How do you get a public figure in hot water?Charge them with sexual improprieties.
GRA:Already calls for his resignation.He claims role playing--the women claim assault.Who organized the women to come out almost simultaneously?Politics is not for those without the courage to stand their ground.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Even if Zimmerman and elderly members of his family are being targeted, bullied and mob stalked they now have the recorded messages to use against him. I support his right to defend himself, Zimmerman does have issues like PTSD from being attacked by Martin, the shooting and the aftermath.

Blacks will use anything to get Zimmerman and he is not being careful. Does this guy have any friends he could have spoken with about the investigator contacting him and his family?

Anonymous said...

How is what George did stalking? And my instantaneous thought was that this PI stuff was all some sort of set-up for those wishing to do harm to George.