Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Gang Rape in Utah



By Reader-Researcher R.C.

Girl testifies in trial of 3 men accused of raping her as mom smoked meth

SALT LAKE CITY — A rural Utah girl described in harrowing detail Thursday about how she was raped by three men in the bedroom of a house after an Easter-egg hunt while her mother was in a nearby ga…

R.C.: Are the perps white, Mexican or American Indian?

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Anonymous said...

Mormons undoubtedly.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Here is Foxnews coverage of the Nigerian women who smelled like sh*t:

This from the article:

"According to the lawsuit, Queen Obioma boarded the plane and found a white male (why do they even say "white", wouldn't most people on the airline be white?) passenger sitting in her assigned business class seat, from which he refused to move. When a flight attendant failed to resolve the conflict as the white man continued to refuse to move to his own assigned seat, Obioma agreed to take his spot".

"Obioma went to the restroom before takeoff and returned to find the man blocking her from accessing the seat for several minutes. The mother then alleges that a United staffer identified as Russel H., instructed her to step off the plane, where she was informed by another United agent that the pilot requested that she exit as the man causing trouble complained that she was “pungent” and did not feel comfortable flying with her".

What's wrong with this account? First off, it's got that suspicious detail omitted style that liars employ and it's clear Fox is simply reporting "her side of the story". I don't believe for a moment a "white man" was in her assigned seat, end of story, there's more to it but Foxnews is giving us the version that makes her sound like a victim and the "white" man a bad guy (shame on you Foxnews). Without more details I'm guessing she misunderstood something or there was a mistake by the airline and couldn't sit in the same row with her children, so she felt entitled to take the white man's seat (is this man the white Rosa Parks?) even though he was there first. The sh*t smell may have been deliberate chemical warfare which she set up after her coincidental trip to the restroom.

Yes, her first name appears to be "Queen". Is that a Nigerian thing to name their kids that way? Reminiscent of how US blacks come up with pretentious and outlandish names for their children. That gives us some insight as to where this woman's entitled attitude comes from.

Here is a more balanced version of the story with some interesting comments:

Anonymous said...

Even in Utah! No place in this country is safe from the mestizo and the gangs of illegals. They are illegals?