Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What Did He Do? What Did He Do?! SJW “Reporter” Seeks to Destroy Veteran Copper for Commenting While White

By Nicholas Stix


A tip ‘o the hate to Countenance.

Meanwhile, if you want to be a cop, white, and a man (as opposed to a “disgraced former cop,” or a mangina), never, never, never post anything on line using your real name!

The perp’s name is Eric Cox.


Anonymous said...

What did he do? Obviously he committed the politically incorrect crime of "noticing." He noticed that most landscaping, roofing, etc. is being done by Mexicans. And he noticed that Mexicans are less likely to hire Americans--a friend who lives in New Mexico notices that he is never hired by Hispanics. Of course there are many other "noticing" crimes--such as noticing that black and Hispanic neighborhoods are more dangerous than white ones. I have often advised minorities unfamiliar with America how to stay safe while traveling here: I tell them, "If you don't see a lot of white people around, you don't want to be there!" Of course that constitutes the crime of "noticing." But it could prevent potential disasters like the Chinese couple who intended to see a movie in a black part of Chicago. Fortunately they were stopped by a police car who directed them the shortest way to the freeway. He informed them that they need to "get out of here." They survived--and learned.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Black NJ school board member gets stopped for speeding and goes through every black victim fetish cliche while polite professional cop records the whole performance:
Her name is Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad and she is married to the great grandson of Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad, no surprise she is rabidly racist. First she tries to use her school board status to manipulate the cop, then begins to sob and cry pretending to be "afraid" because cops "hurt black people", then when the cop asks if he should call an ambulance she quickly switches into attack mode using profanity and more threats, forgetting she's supposed to be a traumatized victim. She continues to flip back and forth into both modes giving a truly Oscar worthy performance. This is one black I think might actually be deserving of an academy award. The piece de resistance was Ms. Lawson-Muhammad calling the police chief a "skinhead". Her daughter is with her in the car but eventually exits to get to school, one can see how negro children are indoctrinated into this victim ideology from childhood.

One could almost imagine the lies Ms. Lawson-Muhammad would have spun about the incident if it hadn't been recorded. What they should have done was not release the recording and let Ms. Lawson-Muhammad go public with her contrived fairy tale and wait for racist blacks and their white SJW lackeys to go through their contortions of outrage, then spring the recording.

Here is an abbreviated version of the incident on Youtube: