Friday, May 18, 2018

Santa Fe, Texas Student Slaughters 10, Wounds 10 More at His High School


“Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, has been charged with capital murder and aggravated assault of a police officer.” Pagourtzis appears to have put on quite a bit of weight of late.

By Grand Rapids Anonymous and A Texas Reader
Friday, May 18, 2018 at 2:42:00 P.M. EDT

Student arrested, identified by CBS as Dimitrios Pagourtzis—wearing a trench coat with USSR sewn on the back. It appears the majority of school shootings are being carried out by certain ethnic fringe types-possibly having anti-American philosophies.

Nikolas Cruz, Syed Farook in San Bernadino, Omar Mateen in Orlando, Seung Hui Cho in Blacksburg, Va., are just examples of non-WASP/White Catholics doing most of the murdering.

The Las Vegas mass shooting by Stephen Braddock has not been solved—no motive attributed, though there appeared to be an anti-white theme to his choice of potential murder sites.

The more that these types are allowed in, the more you risk people finding out that America may not be the panacea for foreigners—that they may be better off in their own countries.

There will be more dissatisfied individuals wanting to lash out at our citizens, blaming them for their unsuccessful lives—much of it because they can't assimilate—due to low intelligence, a lack of English speaking ability, etc.

They are growing in numbers—thanks to immigration (legal and illegal).

This can only continue and increase, as the USA's demographics deteriorate to a less European population.

More to come.


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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
How many american citizens name their children "Dimitrios"? His parents are almost certainly immigrants from Eastern or Southern Europe, most likely Russia or Greece and he may well have been born overseas. They may be from a former Russian central asian republic that has experienced a great deal of turmoil that they blame the West for.

Or maybe he is simply another disaffected youth who lashes out with homicidal violence for no reason we can understand. It is likely that the last one is the only one that will be acceptable to the media so nothing else will be considered, I did a search on "immigrant" and variations thereof combined with Dimitrios Pagourtzis and found virtually zilch. Nobody seems to be curious how recently he became and American and if there is a political or ideological basis for his act. It does seem a very high percentage of these mass killers are ethnic, mixed race, foreign born or US born but still have foreign sympathies.

In my city I have encountered a great many Russian or Eastern European immigrants, you can hear them speaking their language all the time on the street, in stores or when I'm at the gym. Most have settled in East County where I live, much to the consternation of my mother who is a passionate thrift shopper and finds herself jostling with old Russian ladies for the same bargains. While I do find them preferable to Muslims and Africans, that doesn't mean I like them, though it's mainly because I only see young Eastern European men around, they are all over the various gyms I frequent and any time I go out with friends downtown I see groups of these guys all over trying to meet American girls, I've never once seen a Melanie Trump type of an immigrant anywhere. Young single Eastern European immigrant females seem to be non existent, while these young single European guys are like an infestation of roaches.

Sorry, I digress but it's so infuriating to be swamped with all these men from overseas, doesn't matter where they're from, I don't care, if almost all of what is migrating here is young males then that is one hell of a reason to shut it down, and I believe any truly straight male would agree. Another thing to consider also is that with a skewed ratio of young males CRIME STATS ALWAYS GO UP! Correspondingly, mass shootings, serial killings could go up also. God forbid the media draw a correlation there though, the goal of the MSM is to keep the spotlight on "white hetero native males" and steer attention away from anyone else.