Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Illegal Alien on Drugs, Twice Previously Deported, Kills Teen and Wounds Father in Crash

By A Texas Reader

Investigators: Man on drugs kills teen, injures father in crash

A Houston family is in mourning after a teen was killed and her father was injured in a violent crash while going to the movies.


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Anonymous said...

What's the old routine--I have good news and bad news today,first the bad news:
On FOX biz today,according to the newly FOX appointed,black "conservative"spokeswoman Candace Owens--she is pushing President Trump to pardon two black felons--and he might do it.She also claims Trump and Sessions and Kushner are for "prison reform",code words for relaxed sentences for blacks.Doesn't sound conservative to me.
The good news?Sorry,I can't find any.
---GR Anonymous