Thursday, May 03, 2018

NBC News, Lester Holt, and the New Emmett Tills

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Thursday, May 3, 2018 at 7:17:00 P.M. EDT

In the de-evolutionary process that NBC is pushing, starting with their peak—Huntley/Brinkley to Chancellor to Brokaw to Brian Williams to Lesta Holt (gets worse and worse, doesn't it?), “Negro Nightly News” showed its outrageously biased coverage again tonight with three reports:

1) Stormy Daniels “bombshell.” Trump has been declared guilty from day one on NBC (of SOMETHING). Stormy Daniels is assumed truthful—as are other accusers;

2) New Charlie Rose story. Over 20 new women with charges against Rose over FORTY YEARS. Assumed guilty by NBC. Women assumed truthful;

3) Bill Cosby. But WAIT!!! Tonight, Lesta Holt showed Cosby's wife, Camilla Cosby's statement, declaring her husband “a victim of women whose charges cannot be proven.” And compared Cosby “to Emmett Till,”—whom Lesta reminded us “was lynched for trying to associate [sic] with a white woman.”

Note the difference in the cases. The white men are guilty—Cosby? Let's wait a minute, this is a racist lynch mob trying to destroy Camilla's husband. Incredible, blatantly racist, subjectivity.

Then to top it off, a story on three black teens, supposedly victims of racism, plus a promo for Lesta's interview with the thug rapper Meek Mill, let out of jail early, thanks to Lesta's involvement—to be broadcast Sunday. No agenda here.


phillyguy said...

Wasn't Emmett Till's father arrested, court-martialed and executed for raping and killing white women in occupied territory during World War II??
Let Camille compare her dear husband to a Till.

David In TN said...

Yes, Louis Till was hanged for the murder of an Italian woman and the rape of two others in 1945.

Anonymous said...

Here's the next "outrage" that will cost a business a few hundred thousand:
GRA:First,it's spelled "nigga" on the receipt,which I thought was a complimentary spelling,as opposed to "nigger".
The "Black Lottery" has evolved now to everyday life--not just police confrontations.Blacks are looking for a payoff on EVERY slight that might come their way--real or imagined.
"That white guy didn't let me into traffic cuz I'm BLACK!!!I'm gonna sue."
"That white woman wouldn't go out with me cuz I'm BLACK.I want damages PLUS a year of sex."
Blacks can smell the money--and being the con artists they naturally are-- will take full advantage of the current atmosphere,until they are taught
a lesson in court(losing).
As a side thought,I wonder if whites will be allowed to sue blacks for any paintball injuries whites will no doubt suffer in the future.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Who could miss the headlines about Joseph James DeAngelo the latest "white" serial killer? Yes, after 7 straight black & hispanic serial killers arrested in the US a WHITE serial killer has been caught. You can almost hear the collective sigh of relief in the mainstream media as they can now safely put a serial killer on heavy rotation 24/7 for weeks or months, if not years, after he's been caught. There has literally been a story every day in our local "news"paper the Oregonian, along with every other national and local mainstream news outlet, any angle they can cover is an excuse to run a story. The New York Times just ran this contrived story:
Notice the classic device being employed to "whitewash" serial killers, the angle of this story is how serial killers will take "break" from killing and several past serial killers are cited. Can you guess the race of the examples they cite? If you say white then you win the prize: Ted Bundy, BTK and Gary Ridgeway. You will see this pattern repeated over and over in the media, every past serial killer they cite to compare to the DeAngelo story will be white, the plethora of recent black ones will be ignored, no matter how far back in the past they have to go.

The author of that NY Times article, Ian Hoffman, somehow missed the man who is likely the most prolific the US has ever known, black man Lonnie "The Grim Sleeper" Franklin (arrested 2010, possible 200 victims), despite the fact his nickname referred to the fact police believed he took a long break in his killings (though they now believe he continued to kill, but was being sneakier about it). Mr. Hoffman also neglected to mention Eugene Coral Watts, a black serial killers who may have killed a 100 women in his career, not even to mention the fairly recently caught (2013) Samuel Little, a black serial killer who was active for 40 years but has been virtually ignored by the mainstream media, hampering police efforts to figure out how many women he may have murdered over the decades.

You'd have to be living in a isolation tank to miss the relentless media coverage of the latest white serial killer. DeAngelo will be imprinted on our minds in a way that we will never forget, much the way white serial killer Todd Kolhepp was in 2016, while the intervening 6 black and 1 hispanic serial killers were forgotten as quickly as they were arrested because the media couldn't wait to disappear their stories. Here are their names lest we forget:

Cleophus Cooksey
Howell Donaldson
Aaron Saucedo
Fredrick Demond Scott
Steve Stephens
Greg Epperson
Harold Patterson

Brace yourselves for a blitz of NCIS, Law & Order dramatizations, movies, documentaries and Ann Rule style crime books all based on the "Golden Gate Killer".

Anonymous said...

The IHOP story just got more interesting,Black waitress wrote "nigga."
(Daily Mail)Missouri IHOP fires black server after she printed 'inexcusable' n-word slur on 19-year-old black girl's receipt
On April 13 Maya Thomas, 19, ordered a to-go meal from a Grandview IHOP
Afterwards she realized the receipt had the n-word in place of her name
Her mother complained to IHOP and they received a $10 IHOP voucher in return
The server was also black and she was terminated as a result of the slur
IHOP called the incident 'inexcusable' adding it 'does not and will not tolerate racism, bigotry or harassment of a customer."
GRA We all know from watching CNN,a black can call another black a "nigga"and its no problem,the waitress will probably sue IHOP for wrongful termination--and settle for a few thousand in damages,while the customer sues as well--and they both win settlements.
Maybe they both cooked this scam up to be able to put IHOP on the hot seat and make some easy money.It gets crazier every day.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I looked up the IHOP waitress story and couldn't find one article that put "black waitress writes racial slur" in the headline. I say headline because that's what imprints on people's memories, the headlines suggest there was a "racist" white on black incident, NOT a black on black racial incident. I noticed that in the content part most articles did mention that the waitress that wrote the slur was black herself, though some neglected to add that rather important fact.

Unless the media makes it clear, in the headlines, then it becomes another hoax, among many, that gets tallied in peoples minds as a white on black race incident.

Anonymous said...

Question:That CAN'T be a racial slur then in this case--so why do they keep labeling it as such?Like I said,the blacks call each other "niggas" all the time--it's not racist.Polish call each other polacks--it's not racist.So why is there a story?By all rights,the black waitress shouldn't have been fired--according to "Black Law"--the same Black Law that says "You can't snitch on a fellow black thug to the police."Or,"If you kill a black thug,expect a retaliatory killing."
Black Law--another oxymoron.
--GR Anonymous

phillyguy said...

You forgot the Negro serial killer who was just arrested a few months ago killing old white men walking their dogs on a Wooded Trail sneaking up behind them and shooting them in the back of the head

Anonymous said...

to phillyguy
Can you send the name of that guy? Or a link to the story? thanks. jerry pdx