Saturday, May 05, 2018

How Dare He?! Trump Said Reports of Stabbings in London Showed that Gun Control isn't Effective at Preventing Violence, Sparking Outrage abroad

By Reader-Researcher R.C.
Sat, May 5, 2018 11:45 p.m.

Trump targets London's knife crime defending American gun holders

Trump said reports of stabbings in London showed that gun control isn't effective at preventing violence, sparking outrage abroad.


Anonymous said...

Gun control doesn't work--look at Chicago--or Mexico--or many other countries. Knife control doesn't work--look at London. The stupidity of these control laws is easy to see--criminals willing to kill will not follow other laws. And there is always a way to find a weapon--how about a broken bottle--or a truck? Someone said , "God didn't make men equal--Sam Colt did." A firearm is a way for a person to protect himself and others against thugs who are armed or who are larger or more numerous. Many people have been killed by fists or feet. Of course the left doesn't recognize the most basic human right: the right to use force to defend one's own or others'lives. There is however, one form of control which does work: immigrant control. If Europe hadn't allowed in all those third world Muslim immigrants, they'd have a lot less crime.

Anonymous said...

Last night,NBC showed their anti-Trump bias again by allowing Stormy Daniels to appear on SNL.Daniels goals for her lawsuit against Trump included getting gigs like this,along with probable political payback(is Gloria Allred involved with her at all?)
But NBC should not allow her on its network while Mueller's investigation is underway.That's because Mueller has veered into Daniels territory via payoffs by Trump's lawyer.Along with her own lawsuit vs Trump,NBC should have rejected her guest shot,just to be an organization that is trying to look principled.
Forget that.
She'll probably get her own talk show on MSNBC.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think that Giuliani is enjoying himself way too much,and is not doing Trump one bit of good,hopping from TV show to Tv show?He's WORSE than Trump in the "foot in mouth" department.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Golly! London and all of England was very safe prior to WW2. After WW2 something happened. Golly! What was it??