Wednesday, May 02, 2018

‘Tom Brokaw Kissed Me 50 Years Ago, without Previously Requisitioning, and Getting Clearance for Said Kiss!’


Mary Reinholz, right, has accused Tom Brokaw of forcibly kissing her. (Splash/The Villager)

Third woman accuses Tom Brokaw of unwanted sexual advances
By Sasha Savitsky
Fox News

A third woman has accused legendary NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw of unwanted sexual advances, long before the newsman had become a household name.

Mary Reinholz wrote a first-person account of her experience with Brokaw in The Villager, a weekly newspaper serving several New York City neighborhoods, alleging the journalist forcibly kissed her during a visit to her home in Laurel Canyon in 1968. She said both were journalists in California at the time, and that he had just helped her on a story when the encounter [allegedly!] happened.

"We talked and then, abruptly, he was embracing me and giving me a French kiss. I pulled away, reminding him that he was married and a tryst was out of the question. He said, 'Yes, it would be unfair to Meredith,' meaning his wife," she wrote.

Brokaw accused of misconduct

Reinholz's claim comes after a bombshell set of reports revealed Thursday that two women accused 78-year-old Brokaw of similar behavior in the 1990s.
Brokaw has denied all the accusations against him. NBC did not immediately return Fox News' request for comment regarding Reinholz's accusation.

We talked and then, abruptly, he was embracing me and giving me a French kiss
- Mary Reinholz

Reinholz said she was compelled to come forward out of support for Brokaw accuser Linda Vester, after the MSNBC contributor said she had been motivated by a "grudge" to make her allegations.

According to The Washington Post, Brokaw made unwanted moves on Vester, a former NBC correspondent and former Fox News anchor, twice during the 1990s, including a move to forcibly kiss her. Vester was in her 20s at the time.

The report also detailed the claims of an anonymous woman who told the outlet Brokaw acted inappropriately toward her during her time as a production assistant in the 1990s. Brokaw was the anchor of “NBC Nightly News” at the time.

Before the accusations against him went public, Brokaw actually spoke out about the #MeToo movement on MSNBC. (NBC News)

Before the accusations against him went public, Brokaw spoke out about the #MeToo movement on MSNBC — without mentioning his own behavior.

“I do think we need to have a healthier, well-defined dialogue, if you will, and I’m not sure how we launch into it,” he said in December 2017.

Fox News' Matt Richardson contributed to this report.

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Anonymous said...

I showed my mom that picture a couple days ago and she said,"Which one is Brokaw?"

Anonymous said...

In the de-evolutionary process that NBC is pushing,starting with their peak--Huntley/Brinkley to Chancellor to Brokaw to Brian Williams to Lesta Holt(gets worse and worse doesn't it?),"Negro Nightly News" showed its outrageously biased coverage again tonight with three reports:
1)Stormy Daniels "bombshell".Trump has been declared guilty from day one on NBC
(of SOMETHING).Stormy Daniels is assumed truthful--as are other accusers.
2)New Charlie Rose story.Over 20 new women with charges against Rose over FORTY YEARS.Assumed guilty by NBC.Women assumed truthful.
3)Bill Cosby.But WAIT!!!Tonight,Lesta Holt showed Cosby's wife,Camilla Cosby's statement,declaring her husband "a victim of women whose charges cannot be proven."And compared Cosby "to Emmett Till,"--who Lesta reminded us "was lynched
for trying to associate with a white women."
Note the difference in the cases.The white men are guilty--Cosby?Let's wait a minute,this is a racist lynchmob trying to destroy Camilla's husband.Incredible, blatant racist,subjectivity.
Then to top it off,a story on 3 black teens,supposedly victims of racism,plus a promo for Lesta's interview with the thug rapper Meek Mill,let out of jail early,thanks to Lesta's involvement--to be broadcast Sunday.No agenda here.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
A real man doesn't ask a woman if he can kiss her, he just goes for it.

If a guy can't figure out I want him to make a move then he's a wimp and doesn't deserve anything.

You know how many variations I've heard of those over the years? Too many to count.