Thursday, May 03, 2018

Is This the Next George Zimmerman Case?

By Reader-Researcher A.L.

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jerry pdx
Virtually the only information about the actual shooting is in one paragraph at the beginning. It's a lengthy article that goes into long details about various police shootings, the Zimmerman case, some malfeasance in the past by the (white) goes on and on, yet nothing about the history of the "victim" and no speculation as to what he was doing on a property belonging to the (white) shooter. It's a familiar pattern in these kind of race stories, demonize the white and ignore any negative details about the non white victim. The following paragraph is the only information about the shooting in the article:

"On February 3, 2018, DJ Broadus, a 31-year-old resident of Jacksonville, Florida, died after being shot in the head three times — once in the mouth and twice in the neck — in Macclenny, Florida, on property belonging to Southern State Nurseries, Inc, a business long owned by the Fraser family. Only one other person was on the property at the time of the shooting: 29-year-old Gar Fraser, the son of recently retired Baker County Deputy Sheriff Ryan T Fraser, according to the Baker County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) statement".

"Since the fatal shooting, additional law enforcement agencies have identified the same man as the killer, including Florida State's Attorney William Cervone. DJ's mother, Del Swain, and the rest of the Broadus family have been left guessing at just what is delaying this arrest".