Monday, May 07, 2018

Gun-Grabbers’ Manifesto is a Declaration of Independence for Armed Criminals, and of Enslavement for Once-Free Citizens!

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Anonymous said...

You are exactly correct. It's also sedition. Our so called Representatives swore an oath to defend the Constitution, and any of them whom back this kind of nonsense,
should be duly punished. My favorite line is "'All who call our Nation home".

Americans who call this Nation home, don't agree with this declaration of war on our Rights. Just look at the gun sales in the last decade..... I believe over 100 million sold.

Does it ever end with the Left / Marxist / Socialists?

I think when they try to take them.

Anonymous said...

Lesta Holt is in Portland tonight as part of some b.s."Negro Nightly News" promotion.
Tell him I said "hi".Also,ask him why he plasters nothing but pro-black stories and anti-white ones on his garbage newscast.
If you get a
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Too late,never mind Jerry.He was over by the river for his half hour "news"cast.Portland is a big drug town according to NNN.Congrats.

Anonymous said...
The highlight of the story is "Rahm Emanuel okays the use of drones with facial recognition softwear at protests."
Really?They've invented drones that
can tell the difference between one black and another?I doubt it.Sounds to me like a device to be used on (conservative)whites only.