Monday, October 03, 2016

When He’s Not Afraid to Nail You Right on the Couch (Photoessay)

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Anonymous said...

It's the new television season and tonight was the premier of one program that I was curious about-"Timeline"(10pm NBC).
The executive producer is Eric Kripke,the creator of my favorite series(starring real people)"Supernatural".My favorite show starring non real people..."the Simpsons".
But I digress.I had high hopes,but 4 minutes in,the first black was introduced--seen drooling over a white woman.He becomes one of the 3 co-stars,and the time travel plot takes the two whites and the black guy to 1937--where NBC pulls the race card numerous times,with whites of the day giving the black a hard time,thereby attempting to elicit sympathy.The Negro Broadcasting Company is nothing if not full throttle into forcing whites to watch this stuff.At the commercial,another mixed race drama,"One of Us",was advertised.
The end of "Timeline"tonight showed the black guy asking the white woman he was drooling over,out--and she happily accepts.
Thanks NBC for more problack garbage..
--GR Anonymous