Sunday, October 09, 2016

Speculation on the Next CNN Poll, as Democrat Party Propaganda Division Seeks to Finish Off Trump, and Win Election for Hillary Clinton

By Nicholas Stix

Likely voters:

Clinton: 55%
Trump: 35%
Johnson: 9%
Stein: 1%

Composition of poll:

70% Democrats
20% Independents
10% Republicans


Anonymous said...

You might be giving them the benefit of a,all these media outlets are digging back on old Howard Stern shows for more raunchy convo.From what I saw on the CNN website,"Trump admitted to Stern and Artie Lange,he had a threesome with women who weighed a total of 375 lbs"....yada yada yada.
The Stern show interviews HAVE to be dismissed as pure humor and fabrication for humors sake.I've listened to Stern for years and if someone is a guest on Stern,you're going to talk about sex.Trump appeared,I,believe 8 times over a 20 year period.Trump has a sense of humor and gets into it.
His appearance on 2011 Comedy Central's Roast was pure filth-and mildly funny.I thought about that show,when he announced for president.The guy has a sense of humor!!!
The Billy Bush clip,I think,is just Trump trying to be funny.I've listened to him a lot,since he announced for president,and what people(liberals)construe and twist into serious viewpoints ie:""Russia should try to find the 33,000 missing e-mails",is a JOKE!From his tone of voice you can tell that.The Bush episode is the same way.He is trying to be humorous and also connect with the interviewer.
Trump is a showman and likes to have fun while he's working.But on paper,with a network on a vendetta--these words can be turned into a different meaning than what they were intended.
NBC,CNN and their ilk have attempted it on a regular basis...they're still trying.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Okay,bear with me...but I see these debates as something similar to three events from my early sports viewing days--the Ali-Frazier fights.I'll elaborate.
The part of Muhammad Ali is Trump.
Joe Frazier is of course-Hillary Clinton.
Trump,tall and glib--like Ali
Clinton,short and ugly--a bulldog,like Frazier.
There were three fights in the Ali-Frazier era.The 1971 match,that Frazier won with pure athleticism and being at his peak.Ali,coming off a 3 1/2 year layoff(and a couple warmup fights),didn't quite have enough.There was even a 15th round knockdown in Ali-Frazier,similar to Clinton and the Miss Universe left hook,late in the debate.
Similar to Trump-Clinton in Debate one?
Ali-Frazier 2 was a non title fight and not remembered as well as the other two fights.It took place in NY and was a good,but not great fight.
Ali-Frazier 3,was the Thrilla in Manilla.A fight for the ages.
So what do we get tonight in Trump-Clinton 2?
Do we get Clueless in St.Louis?OR Trump's Fury in Missouri?
If this imitates 40 years ago,Trump would win these last two debates and become the "the People's Champ".One thing is for certain,Trump has got to "float like a butterfly and sting like a manta ray".
As Howard Cosell would've said:"THAT'S
The Way it IS".
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

A Blockbuster story?
Emmy Award-winning producer Chris Nee alleged Sunday on Twitter that Apprentice producers are sitting on footage that includes film of Donald Trump using the n-word.

Nee made the comments in response to a former producer on the show, who tweeted Saturday that Trump has been caught on camera saying “far worse” than the things he said in the Access Hollywood footage.

According to Nee, who says she heard from “producers/crew” on the show, one of those “far worse” things is Trump saying the n-word. She tweeted the allegations at Mark Cuban, citing a $5 million penalty fee for leaking footage apparently included in most of Apprentice executive producer Mark Burnett’s contracts. This shouldn’t come as news to Cuban—his show, Shark Tank, is also produced by Burnett.

Anonymous said...

Using the same boxing analogy--Trump 10 rounds Clinton 3 Tied 2.
One thing I thought she nailed Trump on,was his assertion that she was SOS when Obama made the "line in the sand"comment in August 2012.
"WRONG" said Clinton,"I wasn't there".
Foxnews fact check showed...she left in 2013.She lied again.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The only reason I texted the Chris Nee story,is to prepare everyone for more.Nee is trying to get Mark Cuban to cover the 5 million dollars penalty (which I read would be paid to Trump)so that the vids would be released.There is much chatter about other video.I think this is the big one Trump supporters are worried about.It could just be Hollywood rumor--and never turn up,but
I have a suspicion there's more.

Anonymous said...

♦ Republican and Republican leaners 36%
♦ Democrat and Democrat leaners 43%
♦ Independents 12%
These are the people polled--by the numbers,in the latest NBC poll,that Lesta Holt proudly proclaimed an 11% lead for Clinton.
Thats not all though.The polling group--Hart Research--that does the NBC poll--works for...and gets paid by--HILLARY CLINTON!
I'll post that below.