Monday, October 03, 2016

Pronoun Paradise

By Nicholas Stix

Simple solution: She/he/it, or s/h/i/t, for short.

If feminists and sexual psychopaths were really serious about neutrality, they would call for calling everything, “it.”

(By the way, I came up with s/h/it in 1995.)


Anonymous said...

But then if I actually said "SHIT" as in..."Hillary is full of shit",no one would know I was trying to swear.Instead,there might be a misinterpretation,that I was trying to be politically correct.
Or it becomes redundant:S/h/it is full of shit.
Or if I wanted to say,"Shit,is she ever full of shit"
That would be "Shit,is s/h/it ever full of shit"!
That's a sentence in need of
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Personally I still use words such as negro, colored, stewardess, etc. Always have and don't see any particular reason to stop now.