Thursday, October 06, 2016

Extra! Read Who was Responsible for the Putin Banner on the Manhattan Bridge Earlier Today!



By Nicholas Stix

As we’re watching the story on local ABC Eyewitness “News,” The Boss turns to be and asks, “Who is responsible for the sign?”




In the same vein, who is responsible for Hurricane Matthew?



Even the rain is his fault


Anonymous said...

So, if I channel The Donald, then he will send me a million bucks?


He truly is the Almighty. - RC

Anonymous said...

HiThe nominations for the ACE(Assinine Clinton Enthusiasts) awards are out.
Late Night
Most Smug Supporter of Clinton:
Steven Colbert (for his nightly,15-30 straight minutes of diatribes on Trump)
Seth Meyers (for 15 general minutes of Trump bashing)
Jimmy Fallon (don't watch him except for flipping channels.Usually see him doing a quick Trump impression).
James Corden (liked him at first--but he became a full fledged Trump insulter-- an undetermined time ago).
The easy winner is Steven Colbert,who with his black band leader Jean Batiste and a list of mostly black/Mexican guests,sit and smugly pick apart everything Trump has ever done in his life.Nothing on Hillary--she gets a pass,even though it's obvious she hates people more than Trump does.
Tonight,Colbert had an unknown Mexican actor on.First question:What do you think of Donald Trump?
Senor Unknown-o replied:"He called us rapists and we thought he was a joke at first".
Colbert says,"We do over here too".
Colbert asked,"Are you one of those rapists?"Senor Nobody-o said,"I don't know...maybe,I don't know"."Consistantly unwatchable,he never learned from Johnny Carson...don't be political unless you rip both sides.
--GR Anonymous