Thursday, September 11, 2014

About That White Male Serial Killer Profile

By Jerry

Here is an updated list of the last 7 serial killers caught in the US:

Brandon Hurst (black man)
Anthony Sowell (black man)
Michael Madison (black man)
James Brown (black man)
Samuel Little (black man)
Franc Cano (Asian man)
Stephen Dean Gordon (white man)

Only one whitey in the bunch, so much for the white male serial killer profile.

Interesting that a white serial killer has been featured on the headlines of many major media outlets. His name is Rodney Halbower, and he has been in prison for 30 years. Police found some evidence linking him to some murders back in the 70's. Now that's all very fine to solve those old murders, but why is a white serial killer from 30 years ago getting more media coverage than a current black serial killer? Particularly a racially motivated one? For that matter, Brian Ferry is getting more attention for some wimpy comments about race than a racist serial killing/mass murdering black man.


Anonymous said...

Blacks are in denial about this. They think serial killers and pedophiles are a white thang.

Nicholas said...

Brian Ferry, or Danny?