Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Black Mob Guarding the Body: Comparing the Mike Brown Mob to an Ebola Scenario


In Twitter celebrity Joyce Carol Oates’ campaign to keep hoax alive, two weeks after the Mike Brown Hoax had been debunked…
Among other things, Oates repeated a key Leftist talking point: condemning the police for not immediately (read: prematurely) removing Brown’s body.

Of course, the police had to leave the corpse in place as it was part of a crime scene. Had they prematurely moved it, Oates and all the other people screaming bloody murder at them for moving it too quickly, and thereby tainting the evidence?

And it turns out it was the black mob, not the white cops, who delayed the removal of the body. Calvin Whitaker, the private funeral director called by police to pick up Mike Brown’s body, has recounted how the terrifying black mob at the scene delayed him and his wife for an extra two hours, which they spent trapped, scrunched down in their SUV, unable to exit the vehicle, and surrounded by the mob, which also made it impossible to escape:

It was not a safe situation…. The police could not control the crowd. There was times where we feared for our lives…. There was gunshots while we were there…. It took so long, because we could not do our job. It was unsafe for us to be there. [A cop told the Whitakers] “Stay in your vehicles. You guys do not have vests. The best thing for you to do is to kind of get down, and let us get control of the situation.”
[Funeral director explains why it took so long to remove Michael Brown’s body from street by FOX 4 Newsroom, Fox4KC, September 8, 2014.]

“Joyce Carol Oates’ Scorched-Earth Campaign For A Nobel Prize,” by Nicholas Stix, VDARE, September 12, 2014.]

By Steve Smith

Pretend for a sec if he (Mike Brown) died of Ebola. (They act the same way in Liberia, Guinea, etc.)

Worse still, our government is operating with Ebola under the assumption that it’s curable, or a cure is around the corner, and bringing them here is controllable. It is, until it isn't.

America is probably getting Ebola refugees right now.

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