Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fugitive, Black, Hannah Graham Kidnapping [Rape/Murder] Suspect, Jesse Matthew, Caught in Texas!



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Thanks to my partner-in-crime, David in TN, for this story.

Jesse Matthew Arrested: Suspect in Hannah Graham Abduction in Custody
By Hilary Hanson
9/24/2014 7:24 p.m. EDT
Updated: <2014-09-24T20:48:46-04:00">8 minutes ago
The Huffington Post
The man suspected of kidnapping a University of Virginia student reported missing on Sept. 13 was taken into police custody Wednesday night.

Jesse Matthew was arrested in Galveston, Texas, Wednesday on charges of abducting 18-year-old Hannah Graham, NBC Washington reports.

Police obtained a felony arrest warrant for Matthew, a 32-year-old patient technician at the University of Virginia, earlier this week.

Officials believe Matthew was the last person seen with the teen before she vanished. Graham went to dinner with friends the night of Sept. 12 before attending two parties held at off-campus student housing units.

She left the second party alone, and surveillance videos appear to show her walking with Matthew, his arm wrapped [sic] her waist, walking at Charlottesville’s downtown mall at around 1 a.m. Sept. 13.

Police say Matthew bought Graham alcohol at a restaurant and they left the establishment together.

Graham has not been seen since.

Authorities publicly identified Matthew as the man in the security footage on Sept. 20, according to the Washington Post. That same day,
Matthew showed up at the Charlottesville Police Department to request a lawyer, then allegedly sped away. He was officially charged with abduction on Tuesday.

Matthew will be extradited to Virginia at a later time, according to NBC 4.


Chicago guy said...

I know a lot of people will shrug and say there goes another mudshark. However, I'd like to cut her a little slack because of her age. I don't think 18 year olds generally have good judgement and haven't been around long enough to have learned from experience. Myself and others have learned things through life experience. None of it is in any textbook or taught in school; people have to learn reality on their own. She may have grown up in a somewhat protected environment.
He's apparently a predator, a man of 32 exploiting a naive girl of 18. I've seen a lot of these types. They can turn on the charm and exude friendliness, coming across as trustworthy. It's all part of the con that predators are good at. Going to some establishment sounds harmless enough to the victim who doesn't know it's part of a set-up. Everybody makes mistakes when they're young; usually they're not fatal.

Anonymous said...

He might have slipped her a drug of some sort too. They were drinking alcohol and maybe he bought her a drink and had it spiked.

Anonymous said...

Chicago guy, you have the right of it. Young people make many mistakes. The mistakes, unfortunately, can sometimes be life altering, or even fatal. No young person "deserves" to die for youthful indiscretions or even hijinks. A young man in the documentary, Murderball, comes to my mind. He passed out drunk in the bed of his friend's pickup and his friend didn't know he was back there, drove around a curve and ejected the guy onto the road paralyzing him permanently. Does every teen who gets drunk to the point of bad judgment deserve to be killed, maimed or paralyzed. I say no!

Anonymous said...

Yet another "assault" with the usual suspect(s) involved. As usual the weasily media focuses on "victim blaming" rather some of the other issues around this. When I saw the kind of consideration the perp was receiving, or should I say the suspension of belief that he could be capable of repeating his crime and given access to a victim, I knew he was black. A simple Google search affirmed that. Jerry PDX

Anonymous said...

This hideous crime should be made as an example of what predators and their con are capable of. It should be taught at all schools. Of course it won't because of the liberal establishment. A young naive woman often feels uncomfortable around groids but does not want to appear as a racist. Street smarts and racial realism can save lives.

Mal said...

A face aching for a baseball bat.
Preferably administered by her family.

Captain Kangaroo said...

18 is plenty old enough to grasp the fact that a large percentage of blacks HATE whites and would commit any number of crimes against them if the opportunity arises, including murder. I believe this girl is from England, where real discussion about black violence and crime has been criminalized, so the whites have limited ability to teach their children about the dangers. Americans do not have this excuse. Any adult who does not warn their white children about the very real dangers posed by the average black person, especially given the current super-charged anti-white environment the left has created, has put their own children directly into harms way. Local news should provide plenty of black crime stories that parents can use to demonstrate the risks. Would you let your child swim with bull sharks? Then why would you not warn them about the very real risk of associating with black males. They are 6% of the US population and commit 70% of the violent crimes! This is reality, it ain't the Cosby Show.

Miss Carnivorous said...

Since discussion of said facts are prohibited in Britain, perhaps her parents were unaware of them. Indeed, they, gathering information from the media in the US and elsewhere, may be forgiven for having thought that Black men were the ones facing mortal danger from their privileged, racist, white selves. In any case, the daughter would have believed that to be so and it is doubtful she would have listened to her parents had they told her anything different. My cousins live in a rural area of California and have no negative views of Blacks but have few positive ones toward Native-Americans, with whom they have had a lot of negative interactions. Hannah's judgment and her physical coordination were impaired by the alcohol she had consumed and she was only 18, at an age where you think you know everything. She was alone, incapacitated and vulnerable. Where were her friends? She was picked off by a super predator. Like a baby seal being attacked by a great white shark.

Anonymous said...

Very well said!! Thank you.Whether anyone wants to hear it or not, EVERYTHING YOU SAY IS TRUE. I live in the real world people. I am a white female. I have taught my family exactly what Capt. KANGAROO stated. My son "gets iit" now, too. He was sadly brainwashed in public schools, I mean literally brainwashed w/b.s. color-free world propaganda. A couple of real world exchanges, and my preachy, relentless, REAL self,..he totally gets the true picture of race in our country.