Thursday, September 18, 2014

Memphis Police: After Human Head and Two Hands Found Inside Bag in 3800 block of Dunn, Officers Arrested Michael W. Wilson, Jr., and Charged Him with Second-Degree Murder and Abuse of a Corpse

By A Texas Reader

I wonder if his court appointed (yes, you know the taxpayer will get hosed on this) defense attorney will play the "low IQ" card?

At Fox Memphis.


Anonymous said...

We are always told there are "no IQ differences"-Until there is a penalty phase in a death penalty trial. Then, a low IQ is trumpeted as a reason for "mitigation."

David In TN

Nicholas said...

Racial socialists believe in nothing.

"Race doesn't exist"... but everything is racial.

"IQ doesn't exist," but all social and criminal justice policy should be driven by IQ differences.

"There are no sex differences," yet police and fire departments must be turned upside down, for the sake of... sex differences.

They fanatically "believe" in X, when that is expedient, and just as fanatically "believe" in non-X, when that is expedient.