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Alias…: Why VDARE Needs Your Support, and Why You Need VDARE



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At least once a year, a stranger walks up to me, or writes me, and tells me his real name and his pen name.

To me, this is one of the greatest honors on the face of the earth. I consider these men and me as constituting a fraternity—a band of brothers.

Mind you, these aren’t just any strangers, but some of the most brilliant writers in America.

Why, in “the land of the free” would any man—and they are all men—feel the need to hide his identity?

Just ask John Derbyshire.

Derbyshire explicitly formulated some rules for teaching one’s kids about interracial interaction that every commonsensical white or Asian parent who isn’t guilty of endangering his children’s welfare already implicitly follows. Not only was Derbyshire denounced by the socialist/communist/whatever Left, but also by alleged “conservatives,” including his colleagues!

Derbyshire was then fired by his girlie man editor, Rich Lowry, at the once-conservative magazine National Review, the same magazine that had fought tooth and nail against the U.S. Civil Rights Act, and on behalf of maintaining racial segregation.

A few months later, employees of said once-conservative magazine and other “conservative” media outlets got a taste of diversity at their hotels in Charlotte, North Carolina, during the Democratic National Convention. They immediately fled across the nearby state line, to whiter pastures in South Carolina.

I am still waiting to hear of their dismissals, and to receive their letters of apology for denouncing John Derbyshire as a “racist.”

The “conservative” reporters’ white flight was an act of upside-down hypocrisy: Instead of being, as in La Rochefoucauld’s immortal maxim, “the homage which vice pays to virtue,” their hypocrisy was a case of virtue paying homage to vice. Avoiding blacks whenever possible is, at the very least, a matter of moral prudence and, where one’s children are concerned, a moral duty.

For all their anti-white sanctimony, leftwing journalists like Ted Koppel make sure to live in the most lily-white suburbs still in existence in the D.C. and New York areas, respectively, as do white, leftwing politicians like the Clintons.

There are many other men in Derbyshire’s situation whom I won’t name, because they are trying to start new lives, while others, such as VDARE’s founder, Peter Brimelow, are under constant attack by those who seek to destroy their lives.

A skeptical reader might reply, “All of the above is just self-serving tripe, you white devil!”

Then let me give a much different example. Mike Royko was the greatest journalist in the history of Chicago and, many believe, the country. Royko (1932-1997) was a lifelong liberal Democrat who supported the Windy City’s first black mayor, Harold Washington.

And yet in 1990, using the flimsiest of pretenses, a racist black colleague—an affirmative action hire—tried to get Royko fired for “racism.”

Three years ago, I met a veteran Chicago journalist who’d worked with Royko who told me that, were Royko still alive today, “no mainstream newspaper would hire him.”

In order to get hired as a journalist by the mainstream media today, you have to flunk an IQ test and an integrity test. If you pass, you fail.

I don’t know if Mike Royko would be writing for VDARE if he were still alive, but I do know that all but one of the brilliant, nameless men I cited at the top do write for VDARE.

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Thank you in advance.


Nicholas Stix

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Chicago guy said...

The vast majority of people in the media are really disgusting mediocrities who push infotainment. They're all interchangeable, have no personality and are just teleprompter readers.