Monday, September 29, 2014

Jesse Matthew: Suspect in Hannah Graham and Morgan Harrington Cases; And What of Alexis Murphy, Cassandra Morton, Samantha Clarke, Jamisha Gilbert, Dashad “Sage” Smith, Heather Hodges, Bethany Decker and Cara Marie Holley?


War crime victim Morgan Harrington

Morgan Harrington suspect sketches

By Nicholas Stix

Those are young women, most or all of whom are white, who disappeared and are presumed dead in the vicinity of each other over the past several years.

The Last Refuge/Conservative Treehouse has more.

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Anonymous said...

Jerry PDX
This Jesse Matthews character now fits the profile of a serial killer. Time for an updated list of the names and races of the last 8 serial killers caught in the US:

Jesse Matthews (black man)
Brandon Hurst (black man)
Micheal Madison (black man)
James Brown (black man)
Anthony Sowell (black man)
Samuel LIttle (black man)
Franc Cano (asian man)
Stephen Dean Gordon (white man)

Yes, 6 out of the last 8 serial killers caught in the US are black. One is asian and only one is a white man. Since 2001 around 80% of serial killers have been black men.
Consider that next time you watch NCIS or Law & Order and they shove another "white" serial killer in the face of the American public.

Note: For you Afroracists that will be screaming "There's no real evidence that our homeboy Jesse killed all those white bitches".
Let me explain something: He was a mobile serial killer, that kind of serial killer kills, moves on and leaves little evidence. Ted Bundy was a mobile serial killer and was only convicted of 4 murders, there was little or no evidence that he murdered most of those women, mostly all they could do was trace his movements and tie him in with mysteriously murdered or missing women that fit his target profile. There isn't a black person in the world that doubts Ted Bundy is guilty. That is because he is a white man. Black serial killers with even more evidence of their guilt are considered to be railroaded by the "white man". Afroracists are typically unconcerned with facts or truth.