Friday, September 19, 2014

1.2 Million Ebola Deaths Projected in 6 Months

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Anonymous said...

The more hosts the more the chances of mutation for the disease. We might see the disease become airborne spread like the flu.

Then we are talking about death on the scale of the Black Death in Europe centuries ago now.

Ebola kills about 1/2 of those infected. So think of just NOT millions dead.

Anonymous said...

The planet earth has an attribute of a living organism. It attempts to maintain an equilibrium necessary for life to flourish. NOT too hot and NOT too cold. Just the right amount of oxygen, etc.

When you cut down the rain forests it is possible some sort of disease will come out of the rain forest and wipe out a goodly portion of mankind. The planet is responding to danger.

Anonymous said...

Something about this current outbreak of Ebola is quite different. Normally in the past it was only rural area where the disease was seen. This time in urban areas.

The disease too normally kills so fast that few people become infected. NOT this time.

Col. B. Bunny said...

>> The planet is responding to danger. <<

Oh, puhleez.

Sam said...

>> The planet is responding to danger. <<

Even Planet Earth knows Negros are dangerous.