Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scotland: Scots Vote on Independence Today


She'll be just as lovely, if Scotland remains in the U.K.

By Nicholas Stix

Everyone, at least among my colleagues, seems to have an opinion on the Scottish vote on independence.

The only argument I’ve read in favor of independence was, “ANY Devolution Better Than Globalist Status Quo,” by my VDARE colleague James Kirkpatrick, who is one of the few brilliant political thinkers under the age of 40 in this country.

Alas, James also gives the best reason against Scottish independence:

Yes, Scottish “nationalism” is less an expression of cultural pride than a Leftist power grab. Yes, yes, it’s supported by hypocritical, unreconstructed socialists who support mass immigration, the European Union, and hatred of the English. Despite all of that, and even though it distresses Editor Peter Brimelow, I believe that immigration patriots in America and abroad should support a “Yes” vote—because our biggest enemy is not “the Left,” but the status quo.

First, the bad news. Although the great Pat Buchanan hailed the Scottish bid for independence as a testament to the enduring strength of ethnonationalism, Alex Salmond’s Scottish National Party, the driving force behind the independence referendum (#indyref), could better be called traitors to Scotland than authentic patriots. Salmond explicitly and enthusiastically favors more immigration, even claiming that an independent Scotland will be a contrast to a United Kingdom which he claims (ludicrously) is too restrictive. Under the SNP, the expression “no true Scotsman” may change its meaning from a logical fallacy into a real question of identity.

And so, I stand with James Kirkpatrick, and against independence; and against James Kirkpatrick, and for the status quo.

Although I am an American both by birth and by choice, which makes me religiously a son of George (Washington), and thus a republican, I have also increasingly realized in recent that there is a part of me, down deep, that is a latent Anglophile.

Two days ago, I finally succeeded at harassing my 14-year-old into finishing Kipling’s short story, “The Man Who Would be King,” and he loved it. The tale of two mercenary, 19th-century English soldiers who decide to take over a small West Asian nation runs only 14,000 words, but is as great an adventure story as you’ll ever read.

What does Kipling have to do with Scottish independence? Everything, I’d say. The things that Americans have traditionally revered from England, are all the stuff of Empire, even Anglo-Saxon law. The only great things that have come from the United Kingdom since the amputations began, were Margaret Thatcher and the Beatles, and I’m not sure the latter were so much great, as simply the best of their type and time. We are, after all, talking about the degenerate music of rock ‘n roll.

I visited Scotland in March, 1984. I had friends who taught history at St. Andrews, Ruth and Paul Magdalino. They insisted that I not return to West Germany (via London), without first visiting Edinburgh, and I’m glad I did. It was one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen, yet built on a human scale. I still have classic editions of used books I bought at a lovely book store there.
I also revere the Scottish Enlightenment, arguably the greatest of all Enlightenment movements.

The United Kingdom has been very good for Scotland, and the supporters of “independence” seek to destroy the latter. I wish only the best for Scotland, and so I hope that the referendum will go down to defeat.

STV Scotland: The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards perform at Edinburgh Castle

Uploaded on Aug 9, 2010 by STVScotland.

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards pipes and drums perform Scotland The Brave, The Black Bear and Highland Laddie on the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. In typically inclement Scottish weather, the Pipes and Drums were performing to mark the release of their second album Spirit of the Glen: Journey. Part of this album was recorded when the regiment was on active service in Iraq. Find out more here:


Anonymous said...

And Scottish fighting men were the backbone of the British Empire as Southern men were of the U.S. Army.

By the way, most of my ancestors came from Scotland or Northern Ireland (Scots-Irish).

David In TN

Anonymous said...

Scotland if they achieve independence could be an example of how things COULD BE DONE for other nations. Get rid of the old time status and in with the new, ideas well thought out leading for prosperity and freedom for all.

Anonymous said...

This article draws a direct line between the pumping up of pension plans and immigration. More younger workers will work and inflate pension plans so the older folks can enjoy their retirements. Is it really true that immigration is going to accomplish that objective? Is the cost of mass importing negroes, Pakistanis and Muslims offset by a theoretical contribution of their wages to pension plans? Of course, taxpayers pay the cost of assimilation, increased crime and government infrastructure needed to support immigrants not the rich. Since Scotland, like all industrialized country is locked into an inflationary cycle, increased immigration will undoubtedly contribute to a financial bubble that will benefit inside traders, corporate CEO's and big banking interests.
So it's pretty clear who gets in in the rear. The middle class, as usual.
My ancestors came from Scotland many years ago, settled in the Dakotas and intermingled with the natives in the region. Having Scottish relatives has me watching this with interest, I have spoken to a couple of relatives who still live there and they are quite against independence. One of them was vacillating a bit but after a conversation with me he realized independence wasn't all it was being presented to be. I hope more people like him willing to see through the smoke and mirrors.

BTW How many people does Scotland need to bring in the future to keep those pension plans afloat? With the relentless march of inflation and the erosion of peoples personal wealth the only way to maintain pensions will be to bring more people, and more and more... When does it end? Certainly you'll always find plenty of 3rd world people to bring, Africa's population is exploding and they're always willing to mass export negroes to the rest of the world and thanks to the greedy white bastards in the 1st world we'll have to usher them in. It's a vicious never ending cycle and I have to wonder when we're simply going to say enough. Jerry PDX