Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Another Emmett Till? Hate Crime in Miami-Dade School? Unarmed 6’1,” 200+ lb. Black “Student,” 18, Confesses to Choking His Teacher Unconscious, Raping Her, and Stealing Her Car; He Used Condom During Rape, but Left It in Vic’s Purse; Father is also Convicted Rapist


Proud 6-foot-1, 200+ lb, assailant Victor Marshall Nash, 18, holds his head up high; many Daily Mail commenters noted that he looks more like 38 than 18, and that he has eyes of pure evil

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Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

I’ve heard of several such stories. The perp was always black, and the vic was always white. Black males are obsessed with white females.

Student 'raped teacher at high school after he body-slammed her and choked her until she passed out'
Victor Marshall Nash, 18, was arrested on charges of attempted murder, sexual battery, robbery and grand theft
The 6-foot-1 student bodyslammed his teacher at South Dade Senior High School then choked her until she was unconscious and raped her, police say
Nash left his used condom in the teacher's purse then stole her car, according to detectives

By Michael Zennie
Published: 08:43 EST, 23 September 2014 | Updated: 14:16 EST, 23 September 2014
Mail Online

A Miami high school student brutally raped at [sic] female teacher at his school after choking [sic] until she passed out, police say.

Victor Marshall Nash, 18, is charged with attempted first degree murder, sexual battery, robbery and grand theft for the alleged attack on his teacher at South Dade Senior High School on Friday.

Detectives say two hours after the last class ended, Nash approached the teacher and put his arm around her. When she told him 'No, stop,' he body-slammed her to the ground and smashed her head against the floor.

Shocking charges: Victor Marshall Nash, 18, is accused of brutally raping his teacher at South Dade High School after class on Friday after choking her until she passed out

The 6-foot-1, 200lb teen then choked the teacher until she passed out. While she was unconscious, he raped her and left the used condom in her purse, police say.

The teen then threw his victim's cell phone in the garbage and stole her car keys.

When the teacher came to, Nash was gone.

Police found him five hours later driving the teacher's car nearby.

Officers say Nash confessed to the crimes.

[Don’t worry; he’ll get confessor’s remorse, deny he committed the crimes, and the usual suspects will back him, as with the Central Park Five Hoax.]

The teachers union confirmed that Nash had attacked at teacher and said in a statement: 'We are shocked and dismayed by the event reported at South Dade Senior High.

'Our schools should be a place of safety and serenity, not only for students, but the adults who work there as well.'

Nash's father, Victor Marshall Nash Sr., is a convicted sex offender who has also been arrested in the past on child abuse charges.

He told WVSN-TV that he was 'shocked' to hear his son had been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a teacher.

'When me and his mother were together, we tried to raise him, I guess you can say, as both loving parents,' the elder Mr Nash said.

He said he doesn't think his son knows about his father's arrest.


Chicago guy said...

Might be some sort of genetic inheritance from father to son that's not clearly understood. Somewhat similar to Emmet Till's proclivity for sexual harassment and his father's conviction for rape and murder.

Nicholas said...

Maybe so. I mentioned Till, because Carolyn Bryant claimed that when they were alone in her store, he put his hands around her waist, demanded a "date," and claimed to have already "been with" white girls. A friend or relative of his then came into the store and dragged him out.

If Mrs. Bryant was telling the truth, it sounds like he was fitting to rape her, before the other guy dragged him out. It wasn't just in the Jim Crow South that the notion of a boy putting his hands around the waist of a married stranger, and talking the way she said Till spoke to her, was an abomination, sand a prelude to worse. And it still is!

According to the Till forces, we should disregard everything Mrs. Bryant said in defense of her husband. While it is possible she lied on his behalf, look at who is telling us she was a liar—a bunch of liars!

The pro-Till story was originally that he was murdered for merely wolf-whistling at Mrs. Bryant. But since Till had been in the store alone with Mrs. Bryant, there is no reason to believe this story. The pro-Till forces are asserting knowledge they can’t possibly have. So, that’s a lie.

The black guy who dragged Till out of the store asserted that Till had not done any of the things Mrs. Bryant alleged, but:

1. Since he hadn’t been in the store at the time, he had no way of knowing what Till was up to the guy opened the door;

2. He had every bit as much of a motive to lie on Till’s behalf as Mrs. Bryant had to lie on behalf of her husband; and

3. If Till was acting so innocently, why did the guy drag him out of the store?

In recent years, the pro-Till forces have revised their story. Now, Till was not even guilty of wolf-whistling, but rather had a speech impediment that caused him to sometimes sound as if he were whistling.

If I determine that pro-Till Story I was wolf-whistling, but that the pro-Till forces later replaced that with Story II, I’ve got them dead to rights.

Elliot Foley said...

Reminds me of what happened to high school teacher Colleen Ritzer late last year at the hands of black 14 year old Philip D. Chism.

(Except he of course slashed her throat and then sexually mutilated her after he was done.)

Anonymous said...

Yet again, judging from the photo the perp has no fear of the consequences.

David In TN